The Story Of Us

A Justin Bieber fanfic, for my friends cousin Leah :) enjoy!


15. New Wardrobe

   "I'm gonna miss you so much" Justin whispered into my hair crushing me in a hug."I'll miss you to but I'll see you in a while when you perform in London" I smiled kissing his cheek "and you will be back here in a year". A man came up to tell Justin the plane was ready before he kissed me and picked up his bags."I love you" he kissed my cheek before walking away. "I love you too" I called after him as he turned and waved goodbye before he vanished through the gate."Leah! Wait!" I turned round to see Justin running back, I ran over as he grabbed my hand placing something inside. "For when you need some time alone, I love you" he kissed me before running off again. Opening my hand I was stunned to find Justin's house keys until I found a tag tied to them: " Look in the wardrobe". Jingling the keys I turned to face my mum, "I'm staying at Justin's" she nodded driving me to his house.    Walking into Justin's house it was eerily quiet. Dropping my bag on the couch I went upstairs to Justin's room. Didn't know he had a wardrobe only his drawers until I see a door with a note on it: "Surprise". Opening the door there was a huge walk in wardrobe I continued through the wardrobe to find it filled with hundreds of new clothes. Justin has probably landed now, running downstairs I grabbed my phone and waited for Justin to answer."Hey gorgeous" I heard his familiar voice ring, smiling I replied with "Your unbelievable you know that?" I was answered by his laughter until he finally spoke "I thought you would need clothes at mine so you didn't have to go home and back all the time" I smiled starting to laugh. "I better let you go, you need rest before performing and thank you for everything" I gushed down the phone making him laugh "Yeah I guess so, I'm missing you loads already". "I love you" I laughed down the phone, "I love you too beautiful, I'll speak later" he said before I said bye and he hung up.     
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