The Story Of Us

A Justin Bieber fanfic, for my friends cousin Leah :) enjoy!


7. I hate surprises!

" Happy Birthday Le!!!!<3" I read Justins message and smiled. I the heard a chap at my door, great no sleep this Saturday I thought as I went downstairs to answer the door." Hey Le, can I come in?". "Oh my god Justin dont you know that Saturday is a sleeping day!" I joked as I let him in as he followed me up to my room. He plopped himself down on my bed before handing me a gigantic box."Kaitlyn wanted me to give this to you" he smiled. I opened the box and pulled out a purple strapless dress with a tutu like bottom, also in the box were pair of black heels with purple bows. "What is this for?" i asked completely bewildered." It's a surprise your wearing it tonight I will pick you up at eight" he grinned. " argh, I hate surprises!" I whined like a child, "You'll love this one, I've got to go I will see you later" he kissed me on the cheek before leaving. Weird? What was that all about? I hung the dress up before going in the shower, thinking about tonight.
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