The Story Of Us

A Justin Bieber fanfic, for my friends cousin Leah :) enjoy!


18. Fall

   JUSTINS POV-   "The injuries are very severe, we don't know if she will ever wake and it's been a month since she came in, we have to ask your permission before pulling the plug" I heard the doctor say to Mrs Smith before she slowly nodded walking away with the doctor. Leaning over I grabbed Leah's hand given it a squeeze. They can't just pull the plug she's going to make it I know it. " Justin, I've had a talk with the doctor and myself and her father are coming in to discuss switching her off I hope you understand we have to?" Mrs Smith whispered leaning her head into the room. I simply nodded before she picked up her jacket and headed home. Running my fingers through my hair before rubbing my face with my hand I felt tears sliding down my cheeks. Grabbing Leah's hand I gave it another squeeze before spilling everything out:     "Hey, I know you can probably hear me. Uhm... I don't really know what I'm supposed to say but I need you to wake up. Your my everything and you were the second I kissed you on stage. I knew the moment I had there was no getting rid of you, you were all I thought about and I ha even retaken my last year at school to get to know you" I laughed as tears still flowed. "I need you to wake up so that I can get another chance, the last thing we did was practically argue and I need to make it right but in order I need you to wake up. Can you do that please? I love you so much, your the only person that I can really relate to and you know me better than anyone else and if I lose you.. I lose everything" I choked as I just burst into even more tears, I kissed her hand before putting my head on her bed erupting into tears. Standing up I kissed the top of her head whispering "I love you" before I sat back down on the chair slowly falling asleep.     I was awakened in the early hours of the morning by nurses talking. Sitting up I rubbed my eyes before taking Leah's Han again. "Still not awake huh?" I laughed trying to cheer myself up. It was useless, putting my head back down on her bed I felt tears running again. "Please,please wake up, I can't lose you". Randomly I started singing Fall, drowning out the sounds of the machines beeping. My head snapped up when I felt her fingers curl around my hand. Sitting up I kissed her hand "Leah, can you open your eyes for me?" I whispered before her eyes flickered open. Taking her mask of she looked at me a choked out a laugh. "You look like shit" she said groggily before coughing. Grabbing her hand I put the mask back over her face. "Its nice to see you too" I laughed wiping my tears " I'll be back in a minute I'm gonna get the nurse, just get your breath back".  LEAHS POV-    "She seems fine, she's very lucky to be here" she smiled to Justin before walking out. "What time is it?" I asked Justin before he look at his phone. "Two in the morning" he replied smiling before I counted up the hours."I've been in here for about 6 hours" I replied before Justin looked at me confused before realisation showed on his face. "Leah, you didn't come here last night" he took my hands warily. "What do you mean? What happened all I remember is running off stage?" she whispered. "You ran out on the road and got hit by a car, then you wen into a coma........ You've been in here for a month" Justin replied looking at my hands. "I missed prom, you've missed your concerts!" I realised before my heart monitor went crazy. "Sh Sh Sh! Leah it's fine what's more important is you getting better, my beliebers will understand I'll just do something extra special for them next time to make up and I'm sorry about prom I know you were looking forward to it" I whispered wiping her tears before kissing her lips gently.
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