The Story Of Us

A Justin Bieber fanfic, for my friends cousin Leah :) enjoy!


4. Can't we be friends

The bell rand and as I walked out the class I felt a tug on my arm, "What?!" I shouted as I turned round to face Justin. " You didn't answer my question" he pointed out " was I the cause of your eye?" . " If you really want to know then yes you were! You were also the cause of my sleepless night, my burst nose, my public humiliation actually my worldwide humiliation!" the whole school turned around at my outburst. " I'm sorry" he whispered unable to look me in the eye. " Now if you don't mind I would rather you left me alone" I spoke quieter walking away. "Can't we at least be friends?!" in answer to his dumb question I put my two fingers up signalling that the answer was no. Maybe I was being harsh but he caused the most pain I've ever felt in my life. School went by so slow and I could feel Justin stare at me through all my classes. In English I heard the usual gossip Jess spoke behind me. " I heard he is coming back to school to keep him out of the papparazzi, I don't understand why he was so stupid, I mean Leah Smith come on she's a ginger headed, brace face geek" I heard her friend snorting as tears pinched the side of my eyes. "Sir? May I be excused?" without waiting for his answer I ran out the classroom door and into the courtyard. " Mum? Can you come and pick me up?" In tears I waited for my mum to pick me up as she drove up I sat In the car and told her the story. She embraced me in a hug before driving me home. When I arrived home I jumped into my bed tears streaming before I heard the buzz of my phone on my bedside table I picked it up. 1 new message, unknown. ' I got your number from your friend... Can I make it up to you? - Justin' groaning I threw my phone at the wall. Realising what I had done I dialled the number. " What do you think your playing at!" I spat down the phone. " I just want to show you I'm sorry" I heard Justin on the other side in a frustrated tone.
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