The Story Of Us

A Justin Bieber fanfic, for my friends cousin Leah :) enjoy!


16. Be Alright

   Flipping through a magazine I seen a headline about Justin: "Blue Bieber - Justin Bieber seen looking very miserable on tour is he getting fed up of his celebrity life?". Throwing the magazine down I picked up my phone as soon a I heard him answer I started. "Hey babe, are you alright" I said sympathetically. "Yeah I guess, I'm just missing home" he sighed, "You will get to see your family soon, the time will fly by" I replied trying to lighten the mood when I heard Justin laugh I smiled. "I meant home to see you" he said in a lighter tone. Laughing I immediately felt better "I'm missing you too and it's only been two weeks, I'm worried about you though don't stress yourself out" I sighed. "I know but I'm worried about you too, hey I've got to go just now I've got a radio interview tune in for me ok?" he replied before I agreed and let him go.    " hello to the public tuning in we are here with Justin Bieber to talk about his tour, so Justin the word is that your not really 'feeling it' this year, is that true?". "If I'm honest I have been pretty down but it wasn't because I'm not 'feeling it' I was just missing everyone but a call with one person made me feel better today, in fact I'd like to dedicate a song to them if that's ok?". "Yeah sure Justin go ahead" Strumming his guitar he whispered into the mic "My girl" before he started singing:    "Across the ocean, across the sea, Starting to forget the way you look at me now     Over the mountains, across the sky, Need to see your face, I need to look in your eyes Through the storm and through the clouds Bumps on the road and upside down now I know it's hard, babe, to sleep at night Don't you worry 'cause everything's gonna be alright"    I felt tears pinch at the corners of my eyes when I was snapped back to reality when the presenter spoke again. "Wow Justin that was a great performance that phonecall you told us about really did make you feel better"
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