The Story Of Us

A Justin Bieber fanfic, for my friends cousin Leah :) enjoy!


2. As if school could get any worse!

"Leah, are you sure you want to go into school today?" my mum asked cautiously not wanting to make me feel alienated. "I'll be fine, Kaitlyn won't leave me alone since yesterday" I smiled crookedly at my mother. " Ok well give me a ring if you feel like you have to come home" I nodded before leaving for the bus. I arrived at the bus stop to see Kaitlyn running up " Leah, are you ok? I seen the news" . " What news?" I furrowed my eyebrows together in confusion. " Uh, doesn't matter... Hey! There's the bus let's go!". As I was walking to the back of the bus I could feel the stares burning holes into my back. " Tell me what's going on now!" I whisper shouted as I plopped myself down in the seat. Kaitlyn sighed, " It's all over the news, the video of you and Justin up on stage and you being attacked" she said sympathetically. " I dont care to be honest... I JUST WISH PEOPLE WOULD STOP STARING!" I raised my voice making the passengers all go back to their own business. " At least there's no chance that you will run into Justin again" Kaitlyn whispered before the bus came to a halt in front of our school. I put my bag in my locker before linking arms with Kaitlyn and walking through the hallway. We noticed that there was a big commotion outside. " Who do you think is fighting this time?" I asked sarcastically. " Probably Jess again, why does she have to act so tough? Anyway at least noone will be focused on you" Kaitlyn smiled. I laughed before we walked to registration class. " Ok Leah wait here for me to walk you to class" Kaitlyn said pointing a finger at the floor. " Kaitlyn I'll be fine walking to biology" I laughed walking into registration. But what I sen sittin in the seat next to mine wasn what I expected.
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