The Story Of Us

A Justin Bieber fanfic, for my friends cousin Leah :) enjoy!


6. 3 months later..

"Morning Justin!" I jumped on his back hugging him. "Hey Le, how was your holiday?" he smiled hugging me back. " It was great! How about you?" I asked eagerly." It was amazing I went back home to Canada and spent Christmas at my grandparents, oh I almost forgot here you go" he grinned handing me a small wrapped box. I opened it confused and looked at Justin shocked as I opened the box to reveal a silver bracelet with a small smiley face that had diamond eyes."You shouldn't have" I grabbed his arms embracing him in a hug before we saw Kaitlyn. We talked for a while before the bell rang for registration. " So what are you planning to do for your birthday??" Justin asked rubbing the back of his neck. " I don't know it's a week away, why are you asking?" I furrowed my eyebrows waiting o his answer." I was just wondering, it's on valentines day I just didn't know if I would see you or I you had plans with a special someone" he winked at me. "Haha! Nope I'm a single pringle, I guess I could just go to the movies with you, Kaitlyn and Dean" she shrugged. "Hey Kaitlyn, don't you think Justin has been acting weird?" I blurted, sitting on her bed looking at YouTube videos. She looked up at me sharply " No why?", I could tell she knew something. "just wondering that's all" I shrugged before turning back to the computer. "Hey Le, do you like boats ". "What? I guess so yeah why " I replied to Kaitlyns random question. " Just wondering " she smiled, something was definitely going on and I seriously wanted to know.
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