this story i thought of because i saw a homeless girls and boy when we went on holiday.


1. My life.

I ran as fast as i could, as fast as my legs could carry me but it wasn't enough the police cars were closing in on me! All of a sudden i spotted and alleyway full of boxes and dust but it was the only way to get away from the scary roars of the cars and vans that approached me. A few seconds later I found myself hidden from the flashy lights and choking gas in a box with a dead corps of a pigeon ,which smelt disgusting like rotten eggs. Before i had time to scream a boy with brown dark eyes covered my mouth with his cold leather gloves. I gasped and breathed in the leathery smell and coughed. I’d forgotten all about the officers. As i turned sharply to the boy he gave me an annoyed look and we both burst out of the box. He clasped my hand! Naturally i started to run faster and faster the boy next to me looked at me and I saw a bit of a smile at the side of his lips, so I smiled back. I turned forward again and I noticed a bridge the boy was staring at it too he pulled my hand and he lead toward the lake that flowed right under the bridge. We were still running closer and closer to the water as we leaped I realised I couldnt swim however as I tried to shout to him we plunged into the ice cold deep water. I felt all the salty liquid seep into my lungs. My eyes slowly closed. I thought I was going to die!

It seemed like 3 or 4 hours later when I awoke from the blackout. To my surprise I was staring into the eyes of the boy I met in the cardboard box. He asked me if I was okay just before I lept up and fell backwards again I replied ouch and he giggled and said take your time. So I slowly sat up he moved and sat infront of me. I scanned his appearance he looked quite poor and about 13. Like me. I remembered about the police so I got up and grabbed him and tried to run he just frowned and asked what are you doing? Getting away from the police .I whispered. we cant stay here theyre probably on top of the bridge right now. Ohh he said don't worry your safe and um by the way im Jack Watson whats your name. Callie Edwards I replied again. I know you! you were on the tv you ran away right he said. yes and I also stole 150 pounds from my foster parents! They deserved it to be honest they were horibble to me what about you I said. Oh im just on the streets my mum and dad died and I really don't want to talk about it he quietly mumbled. I just said okay I understand.

Then i looked into his deep brown eyes and thought he reminded me of someone i couldnt think who though.


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