this story i thought of because i saw a homeless girls and boy when we went on holiday.


2. Jack watsons way.

The very next day we didn't know where to go what to do or even who to meet although on the plus side we had one hundred and fifty pounds. After about 1 hour of thinking we came to a conclusion that we would go to the other side of the country and try to earn money and well after that jack told me to just play along. So off we go 2 runaways on their way to London! First jack said we should spend ten pounds on food it would last us two days if we limited it.

A few hours of walking we had a rest and repeated that until we got to the train station where we collected our tickets and in the end the money came to 125 pounds which was still reasonable but was going down very quickly! On the train to London was a long journey and it was also extremely boring jack and me were pulling funny faces at other people on the train when they weren't looking. That cheered me up a little bit! When our fun / boring experience on the train had ended the man came to punch our tickets. The man ,whos body was the shape of a bell, said in his deep slow voice tickets pleeeaassse! Jack pulled out a little yellow slip of paper out of his rucksack pocket and the man slowly slided it out of his warm hands and clipped it and asked me for mine. I smiled and plunged my hand into my pocket happily my smile turned into a frown! I couldn't find it anywhere I smiled again and grabbed jack we ducked under the mans leaning arm and I lead us out of the train doors and into an open station. The tickets man yelled follow those children everyone stared at us, however we’d already reached the road at the other side of the station. I kept running as jack breathed heavily and said it was safe to stop and walk now. I was simply gutted with that stupid ticket anyway who needs trains me and jack decided to walk to the next station and find a wall map of the city of London you know to help us around. By the time we got there it was at least four in the afternoon. A couple of seconds later I spotted a yellow slip of paper and totally forgot about the 125 pounds in my rucksack so I picked up the paper and it was a one day ticket to London I screamed jack shhhhh ed me and I stared at him he pushed me into a hedge. Whats wrong with you I whispered….


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