this story i thought of because i saw a homeless girls and boy when we went on holiday.


3. I was finally happy.

He apologised and explained it was the man from the childcare home advert on tv. Id already forgiven him when he butted in and told me to run toward the tube train. So in a matter of seconds we had left the hedge and were in the train I could finally breathe again!

Jack looked disturbed so I asked him what was wrong and he said he had been meaning to ask me something. what I replied. He answered back well I was just wondering because we are lost together we may aswell be more than...YES I WILL JACK I said strongly… friends jack finished his sentence with a huge grin going from one corner of his face to the other corner. He made me laugh so I giggled quietly. He gave me a hug and I felt like I had a family again I whispered in his ear never let me go! He whispered back to me I wont if you dont! I giggled again.

A few hours later I found myself asleep on jacks lap he kissed me on the head and said wake up… I woke up and said are we in London yet he said yes of course we are callie you know that. I replied I know I just love looking into your eyes! It was my dad he reminded me of my dad. i started to cry and jack sad whats wrong? and i replied you remind me of my dead father. We both grinned.

We were off the train in a flash. As we were wondering around our new home we noticed a shop to let for 50 pounds a month me and jack went in and told the old creepy manager our parents wanted it he said okay children 50 pounds to set you off then and we managed because here we are and now were 24 and getting married next tuesday with 2 amazing children maddison and ashley watson.

Yours sincerely

Callie Edwards and my husband to be Jack watson


P.S follow your dreams you’ll manage if I did!


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