Change Your Mind

What would happen if you bumped into Harry Styles, the last person you wanted to see, in the middle of what could become your dream come true? What if you were once in The X Factor competeting against him? What if he realises he can't live without you?
Ava Arnolds is back in the competition three years after losing against One Direction thanks to Harry. Once they are invited by Simon Cowell to The X Factor, Harry is willing to stay and get Ava back, even though it won't be easy. Will he be able to win her over again?


2. Rehearsals


"You'll be here? Great!" I heard Simon Cowell, my mentor, scream on the phone. We were on rehearsals for my second week live on the show.

"Who's coming?" I asked.

"It's a surprise," he answered, then sat back down and we continued rehearsing.

We were two days away from the show, and I was getting nervous, everything had to be perfect. I couldn't be eliminated just like the last time. Three years ago, I had been on The X Factor, and I was eliminated in this round. All thanks to Harry Styles. I didn't blame his band, One Direction, I blamed him. He had smashed everything I had. We knew that there couldn't be any relationships between the show's contestants, but we broke the rules. And it was precisely what made me lose. We were both on the bottom two, and he looked like he wanted to win this so bad. I made a terrible performance on purpose and, no surprise, they eliminated me.

If Harry's happy, I'm happy, I thought at the moment. Little did I know. He lost in third place, and now his bandmates and him are the most famous stars all over the world. Then he forgot about me. He never called me, never wrote to me, nothing. Sometimes, life is just not fair, and that was one of those times. I think about him everyday, I curse him. Not only he shattered my dream, he shattered my heart.

I went to the studio where Simon was, the day of the performance, I needed to negotiate something. Calm down, it's about the rooms, not the live show. I'm not a cheater. I truly believe I can win this honestly, and I will do so. I was arriving to the studio, when I heard 5 beautiful voices singing inside, one of them highlighted. It was a raspy low deep voice, so beautiful. One Direction? No, they couldn't be them.

I decided to walk inside undercover, and take a look. There were five boys singing, and Simon looking at them smiling. I couldn't really analise the five faces, I was just able to see one, a gorgeous boy with curly hair. He seemed to look at me confused, so I quickly escaped. I ran out of the studio, and stopped to catch a breath. I suddenly felt a hand grab my shoulder. I didn't want to turn around and see his face. Harry, was all I could think about.

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