Change Your Mind

What would happen if you bumped into Harry Styles, the last person you wanted to see, in the middle of what could become your dream come true? What if you were once in The X Factor competeting against him? What if he realises he can't live without you?
Ava Arnolds is back in the competition three years after losing against One Direction thanks to Harry. Once they are invited by Simon Cowell to The X Factor, Harry is willing to stay and get Ava back, even though it won't be easy. Will he be able to win her over again?


4. Backstage


It was time to get ready for the show so we all went backstage. I was really nervous, I never thought I'd meet Harry Styles again. I was walking backstage when I bumped into somebody.

"Ava?" I looked at him shocked.

"Hi!" I said forcing a smile.

"How are you?" Liam asked giving me a tight hug.


"Hey, I gotta go, but see you later," he smiled at me.

"Sure," I said, then I walked away.

I sighed, stopped to close my eyes and pray that Harry didn't see me. Suddenly, my eyes were opened by the feeling of a kiss on my cheek. I looked at my right side and saw Niall.

"Hello, love," he greeted.


"Haven't seen you in a long time!"

"Yeah, long time, huh?" I was really nervous I would bump into Harry. I really didn't want to talk to him.

"Niall!" I heard Harry yell from far away.

My eyes went blank, and I could feel Harry coming closer.

"Hey, love, you're gonna win this," he winked at me, I couldn't say anything. "See you around."

"Yeah," I quietly said.

We both started walking in opposite directions, and I hid behind the first door I saw. I peeked through the door a couple of times, but I didn't see Harry anywhere. I shook my hair away from my face and walked out. I was looking around trying to hide from him. Suddenly the crowd went wild and everyone backstage shut up. Then Zayn started singing.


We were now backstage, and the boys suddenly were gone. Everyone was in different places. I decided that I would find Ava and I would talk to her, apologise. I was walking around looking for her, but she wasn't anywhere. I then saw Liam talking to a girl with light brown straight messy hair. I knew it was Ava. Suddenly she and Liam stopped talking and walked away from each other. She suddenly stopped, and I thought that maybe something was wrong. Niall then arrived, kissed her cheek and started talking to her casually.

Why the hell did he kiss her cheek? But, why do I care? It's not like I care. Do I care? I had to stop them from talking.

"Niall!" I yelled. He said a few words to her, winked at her and started walking towards me.

"Who was that?" I asked.

"Ava," he said shrugging. I looked back to where she was standing, but she was gone. I sighed in frustration.

"One Direction! One Direction, onstage!" An annoying voice kept repeating. We both went to find the lads and go onstage.


Everything was going alright with One Direction's performance, until I heard Harry's beautiful voice singing his solo. I looked down and started feeling anxious. My fingers couldn't stop moving and I couldn't help it. The song finished before I realised, and the contestants started performing. After two of them sang, it was my turn.

"Ava Arnolds!" The voice said. I was there, standing onstage.

I'm gonna mess up, I thought. I'm gonna screw up.

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