Friendship One Shot.

My first One Shot, and its about friendship. Hope you like it, and please leave a comment about what you think.


1. Friendship!

What do you think about friendship?

To me it’s really important, and there is nothing better than true friends. Especially on a bad day where you just need somebody to help you, they are there always.

My best friend is there always for me, but sometimes I have to be there for her to. But that’s normal, because it’s a part of the relationship we have. We protect each other, and we stand up for each other. We love to spend time together, and I would not choose anybody else to have as my best friend than her.
But I remember this one time, where she specially needed my help, but I didn’t know what to do... Because she didnt trust me enogh...

“Hey Natalie! Wait for me!”

She turn around and look at me, and then she got the biggest smile I ever seen on her face. Well we haven’t seen each other the whole winter break, so she was not the only one smiling. 
I was hurry up by her side, and then we begin walking to school.

“So how was you break Lucy? “

“It was fine… I visit my grandmother at the hospital, and then I was with my uncle the rest of the days”

“Hmm… That sounds to me that you had a wonderful winter break, and I wish I could say the same…”

What does she mean with that? She has the most perfect family I ever seen, and then they are really rich to. How could It have been bad, I mean they can do so many things so why was it bad?!

“Was you winter break bad?”

“No it was not bad… It was worst ever!” She suddenly took my hand, and pull me all the way to the girls bathroom. Where she broke down “Because of my parents, it was all ruind from the start!”

Wait what!? Why hasent she said anything at all to me? 

"Why havent you told me anything? I could have been there for you almost the whole break... But you never said anything"

"I did call, but that was when you where together with your uncle, and i didnt know when you would be back so i didnt call again"

Ofcourse she didnt, and who ever talk to her did say that i was at my uncles house for a couple of days.

"Natalie why are you lying to me? I thought we could tell esc other evrigthing, so why are you lying to me right now... Im telling you evrigthing thing and you just lie to me insted, i dont understand.. Why?"

" how can i trust you?! I cant even trust my own parrents, so how do you ekspert me to could trust you!?"

"Because om your Best friend, and best friends dossent Lie to ecah other, so why!.."

"I!.. I!... I cant tell you.."

And with those words, she was out of the bathroom and i stod back alone.

We ignored ecah other for a couple of days, but then she told me why she coulden tell me why she didnt trust me. Her old Best friend lied to her all the time, and she hurted her so bad that she was afraid of trusting other people.
But know she trust me, and our relationship have never been stroger since.

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