the bad boy ZAYN MALIK

My name is Jackie and I just moved from Ohio. Well I moved across the street from this boy that everyone at my new school is saying to stay away from him. Well I will find out what made him so bad.
What will happen is Jackie gets to close to him. Lets read and find out.


7. The Boys

Jackie's POV


Its been about 2 weeks since I found out that I can't leave my house except for school without zayn, but even then he is taking me. I can't hang out with friends unless zayn comes with or they come over here. This is killing me, I wanna spend my sophomore year with my friends, yes I love zayn to death, but i wanna see my friends and have some girl time and not in my house. I know he is just trying to protect me, but i need space. Just then my phone rang, signalling i had a message.


Jenn: Hey girl, there is a party tonight at my place, parents are gone for the next 2 weeks and no one is watching the house but me, get your lazy ass over here and help me set up, just tell zayn to meet you here round 8.


To Jenn: On my way, I'll bring my clothes over there. see you in 10 (:


Guess I have some plans. Smile. Haha, now all i have to do is tell zayn, well, this is not going to go over well. i took a deep breath and texted him to meet me at Jenn's house at 8 and to be dressed for a party. I got all the things I will need and the clothes to wear. I am really excited for this. I need this.


I ran out the door and locked it on the way to my car, when I turned around to walk to my car I saw Harry. I sighed and walked over to him. "What do you want Harry?" "Oh just to tell you that you bout gave zayn a heart attack when you said that you were going to a party, does the words, stay inside not mean anything to you! This is how he lost his last girlfriend a few months ago!" I looked at him in shock, I just moved here a few months ago. "So all I am to him is a rebound! Well guess what? That is not how I work. Got it! I'm going to that party with or without him, now move Harry!" I screamed in his face and hopped in my car and drove off to Jenn's. I'm making this a good night for me, if zayn likes it or not, I could care less right now.


I got to Jenn's and ran to her door and opened it. Her mom told me the last time I was over to just walk right in. "Honey I'm home!" I yelled up the stairs. I heard running and then out of no where her older brother Jason came running down the stairs. "Well hey Jackie, its nice to see you here." Jason said. I smiled and hugged him. "Nice to see you too, and don't worry I will keep your sister in line." I said smiling. "Hey stop flirting you two and help me set up." Jenn said with a wink. All three of us busted out laughing and helped get set up. 




Its now around 6 and Jenn and I have just started to get ready for the party. 


(jackies outfit is a crop top with lace sleeves, acid washed skinny jeans beige wedges and curly brown hair. with little makeup, smokey white and black eye shadow winged eye liner and mascara) 


(Jenn's outfit black crop top with lace on the bottom, very light pink short shorts, light brown wedges, and loose curly blonde hair, little makeup, pink eye shadow winged eye liner and mascara.)


Me and Jenn walked down stairs to see Jason in black jeans and a whit t shirt and white Supra's. Oh he also had on a white snapback. "Looking good Jay." I ran up to him and jumped on his back while laughing. He staggered a little but caught his balance and just held me on his back. "Well this is a nice surprise, your in heals and not in high tops, but I see you are in jeans, who knows what kind of top you are wearing." "You would wanna know Jason." I teased him. "Oh yes I would, its my life long dream to know what you are wearing." He played along. "Let me down and I will show you." I said all flirty. I like to flirt with him because he knows i'm just doing it to be funny. "Nah, I like where you are, I get to hold you." I could hear the smirk in his words. "Creep!" I yelled at him and we both laughed. "Like seriously would you two stop flirting and put down my friend Jason. People are coming in, and we wouldn't want zayn to see you like this." I sighed and got down. "He ruins all the fun." I said with a pout. "Awh don't worry, we can still have fun." Jason said with a wink, I laughed and walked over to the stereo and got the music started.


So now its been about 2 hours since the party started and I haven't see any of the boys. I'm kinda glad by that. I have been dancing with Jason this whole time. I am beyond wasted. I feel so free and I love it. I started to feel hands on me and I looked down to see Jason has put his hands back on my waist. I turned around to see him smirking. "Wanna play truth or dare?" "Hell yeah!" He ran over to the music and turned it down a little bit, "Hey who ever wants to play truth or dare in the back yard!" I ran to the back yard with Jason, he grabbed my hand and sat me with him.


We went a few rounds then some chick asked me truth or dare. "Dare." I told her, she had a devilish smile on her face, "I dare you to kiss Jason." I looked over at him and he shurgged. I didn't like the idea of kissing someone else, but I couldn't say no, i don't wanna strip off any clothing. I'll just tell zayn tomorrow. I leanded over and kissed Jason. It was a quick kiss, once we pulled away I got up and left. I found Jenn and told her I was going home. I texted zayn to tell him that I was on my way home. I got to my car to see someone leaned up on it. "Louis, now what are you doing here?" I asked him, my words slurred a little. "Well it's a good thing I did come, your drunk and your not driving. Lets go, Zayn is worried sick about you." I didn't argue, But for some reason I got mad at the mention of zayn being worried. "How could he be worried if he doesn't even love me like he says he does, I'm only a rebound." I said while looking down. Louis stooped in his tracks. "Who told you that?" "So your not even going to denied the fact that I'm a rebound?!" I asked him upset. "Jackie who told you that you were a rebound, you didn't let me finish, you are not a rebound by the way Zayn looks after you, you definitely aren't a rebound. Got that. Now tell me who told you that." "Well, Harry said that this is how Zayn lost his last girlfriend, just a few months ago, by her going out all the time without him. I had just moved here a few months ago, the day I gave him a chance was the day he lost her!" I stared to cry, I couldn't breath right at that moment. "Lets get you home, Zayn is there and want's to see you." I just got in the car and didn't speak.


We reached my house and I got out and thanked Louis for the ride home. I walked into my house quietly and walked up the stairs. I opened my bedroom door to see Zayn laying there looking at the ceiling. Once he heard me come in he jumped up. "Babe, finally your home, we need to talk." "Can we talk tomorrow, i'm tired and just want to sleep." I got my pajamas and walked into the bathroom and got changed. I walked to my bed and once my head hit the pillow I was out cold. 





AHHHHHHHHH its updated (: I did this while waiting in the hallway of my school waiting for my friend to be done with winter gaurd. (She's my ride home) ANYWAY! what do you think zayn needs to tell her, and do you think she will remember the kiss with Jason. Do you think Jason knows they kissed? So much going on in the next chapter (:


LOVE YOU <3   

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