the bad boy ZAYN MALIK

My name is Jackie and I just moved from Ohio. Well I moved across the street from this boy that everyone at my new school is saying to stay away from him. Well I will find out what made him so bad.
What will happen is Jackie gets to close to him. Lets read and find out.


5. party time

Jackie's POV


I walked out to see Jenn and Nikki in the car waiting for me. I hoped in waiting for them to drive away. "So Mr. Bad boy let you leave the house without him?" Jenn asked me. She knows everything about him since I don't. "Well, he left with Matt somewhere and he don't know that I'm going to this party." I told them with confidence. "OMG! Girl your going to get killed tonight by him and the boys!" Nikki yelled at me. "I can handle it." I told both of them. You see when I dated Matt he liked to hit me and tell me all these things that weren't true. Do you think I believed it, haha nope. "So, tomorrow if we aren't feeling to bad, tattoos and piercings?" Jenn asked. "Yeah!" I yelled. "You have to much energy." Nikki said.


We got to the party and my phone hasn't gone off once. And it feels good to be free for one night. Oh yeah tomorrow with my tattoo I'm getting a halo with devil horns on my arm. Then I'm getting my lip pierced and my nose. 



I got my lip and nose first, and still no word from Zayn, and it kinda worries me. Did someone tell him I was at the party? Oh and you are probably wondering what I am wearing, no, ok. But I'm telling you anyway. I'm wearing a black muscle t-shirt that says Seattle on it, a black sports bra underneath, high wasted acid wash short shorts and black vans. I walked into the tattoo shop and smiled at the lady. "Hey, what can I do you with?" she asked me and my friends. "we are here to get some tattoos today." I smiled at her, trying to be nice is so hard. "Okay you can take a seat right here and Joe will be with you in a second." She informed us. For the first time my phone went off. I took it out of my pocket and started to worry. 


Zayn: Were r u. your not @ home. Y?


Me: Im at the tattoo shop.


Zayn: Get your ass home when you are done. We need to talk.


I didn't text him back. I was scared out of my mind. What did he need to talk to me about. I didn't do anything. Ugh! Here goes everything. Just like with all my other boyfriends. It always ends like this. You know what, I know what tattoo i'm getting. "so which one of you is up first?" This Joe guy asked us. I stood up before any of the others could and went behind the curton. "So what are you getting today?" Joe asked me, I smiled and told him. "Im getting a saying on the side of my arm.." I paused to show him where, he nodded his head as to tell me to continue. "Saying 'we may never be forever but i will always love you' thats it for me, i don't know about the others." I told him, he nodded and got to work.


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