the bad boy ZAYN MALIK

My name is Jackie and I just moved from Ohio. Well I moved across the street from this boy that everyone at my new school is saying to stay away from him. Well I will find out what made him so bad.
What will happen is Jackie gets to close to him. Lets read and find out.


1. new home

Finally off the plain. 12 hour flight sucks, my legs hurt when I move them. This should be a fun ride to my new home.


 My name is Jackie Moore and I moved from Columbus, Ohio. I'm 16 years old, I have brown hair and hazel eyes. I love my hair, its curly and wavy at the same time. My eyes I wish they were different, but I guess I will live with them. My hair goes down to the middle of my back, all my friends back home said that they wish they had long hair like me. I kept telling them that its not that much fun having to take care of it. Its a pain to brush in the morning. I'm also about 5'3. So you can call me short.


"Sweetie we're here." I heard my moms voice, she was shaking me. I must have fallen asleep from the airport. I got out of the car and went to get my few suit cases when I saw a boy across the street. He was starring at me,  god  this is so  weird I don't know him and he is just starring at me like he knows me. I walked inside to see where my room is. Once I got up the stairs I found my room and set some of my things down. I have a window seat. SWEET! I'm going to love this room. I sat down and looked out the window. There he was. That boy from outside. He looks so dangerous, but I love danger. It may not seem like it from what I told you about myself but I love bad boys, and that is what he looks like. 


I got up and moved to my bed. I started to text my friends from home when there was a knock at the front door. "Well hello there." I heard my mom say, but I tuned out the rest by putting on music. I hated moving. I left all of my friends that i loved. One of the reasons we moved was for me to get away from my friends. My parents think they were a bad influence on me.  I'm still going to text them and find out whats going on there. I see my bedroom door open and there he stands, without being invited into my room he walks in and says "Hello love, my name is in Zayn Malik." He said so confidently. Wow, looks like he is worse than I thought. I might need to stay away from him, but then again he is really cute. 

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