the bad boy ZAYN MALIK

My name is Jackie and I just moved from Ohio. Well I moved across the street from this boy that everyone at my new school is saying to stay away from him. Well I will find out what made him so bad.
What will happen is Jackie gets to close to him. Lets read and find out.


2. its him

All I did was stair at him. What do I say, I mean he is just standing there waiting for me to say something. I need to get out of here. "Um, I'm going to go help my mom with dinner." I got up and was about to leave my room when he stopped me. "Wait, you never told me your name love." I looked at him, and finally gave up. Looks like this is going to be harder than I thought.


"Fine, my name is Jackie. Now if you will excuse me, I'm going to go help my mom." With that I left him there in my room. I hope he doesn't look around. I would die if he looked around my room. I got down the stairs to my mom and his mom talking. Well guess I will be doing dinner then. Just then the door bell rang. I looked at my mom and she didn't move an inch. Looks like I'm getting the door then.


I walk to the door and there stood a handsome looking boy with blonde hair. He is really cute and looks just a little bit taller than me. He has blue eyes that look like the ocean. He looked me up and down. Why do boys always have to look me up and down, like really. I hate it when they do that. God quit starring at him and find out why he is here. "Um, may I ask who you are and why you are here?" I ask him nicely not like I did to Zayn.


"Oh, my name is Niall and may I ask for yours?" He asked me, damn hes smart. I would have got who ever he needed and then maybe never see him again. "My name is Jackie. Now may you tell me who you are here for." I look at him and try to memorize all his features. Well in his face anyway, but how could I forget those eyes. "I'm here for Zayn. But may I say that you are really beautiful. I mean, your eyes and hair is really beautiful." He is so cute.


He thinks I'm beautiful. A guy like him won't go for a girl like me. He is way to sweet to go out with a girl that has a tattoo at 16 and is about to get my nose done. There has to be a better girl out there for him. "Um, thanks." I say with a smile. "I'll go get Zayn, be right back." I ran up to my room. Once I got up there I found Zayn looking at my pictures that I hung up.


"Zayn. This boy..... Niall I wanna say his name is, is here for you." Once he hared my voice he spon on his heels and looked at me. "Oh, ok. You have a lovely room by the way." He said with a smirk on his face. God what is up with him and having to be so mysterious. But for some reason it makes me attracted to him. I followed him down the stairs to see Niall looking right at me. I got all the way down the stairs and by the door to close it when they left, and saw Zayn giving Niall a dirty look. What is his problem.


Once they left I could hear some of the words the boys were saying. "She is mine Niall, don't get any ideas. Do you hear me?" Zayn said with an edge in his voice this time. Well, I don't know what he thinks, but I am not his girl. I'm not anyones girl. I went into the kitchen to have dinner.




"Niall, she is mine you got it, she will be mine. She is the first person since Victoria I have had strong feelings for, and I can feel that she is the one for me. I can feel that she is somewhat like me just by looking at her." I told Niall, he just looked at the ground with a face I have never seen on him before. Anger.


He has never had anger to me. When I say never I mean never. What is up with him, why is he so mad that I want to be with Jackie. I mean, she looks more like someone I would date. She has a personality like the girls I would date. She has the looks like the girls I would date. Niall needs to see this. "Niall, she is not the girl for you. Okay. I'm sorry I snapped at you, but seeing you look at her the way you did, sent anger though me. I'm so sorry Niall." "Its cool mate. Now lets go to whatever Harry needs us for. That way you can get back to Jackie. She does seem like the girl for you. I promise I wont butt in on this."


" Thanks mate, lets go before Harry starts screaming over the phone or when we get there he will yell at us even worse then he would over the phone." Niall and I jumped in his car and drove to Harrys neighborhood, I hate having to do this. This is why Veronica and I broke up. I will make a plage to myself and make sure Jackie doesn't find out anytime soon.

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