the bad boy ZAYN MALIK

My name is Jackie and I just moved from Ohio. Well I moved across the street from this boy that everyone at my new school is saying to stay away from him. Well I will find out what made him so bad.
What will happen is Jackie gets to close to him. Lets read and find out.


3. he gets his chance



I was back in my room after dinner. I sorta wanna know more than just Zayn’s name. Like how old he is and what not. That would be nice to know. I got up and found my photo album, and looked at all the pictures of me and my friends. Damn do I miss my friends back home. This place will never be home. Before I start crying I put the photos away. I know what to do, lets see what they are up to that I am missing out on.


I logged into Facebook and went to Matt’s page. You see me and Matt were together before I moved. Me and him wanted to do a long distance thing. We are still technically together right now. Right as I got on I saw his relationship status....... SINGLE. What the hell. I went down and saw a picture of him with another girl. I thought he cared guess not. I looked at the clock and saw that it was 11pm. Looks like I’m going to bed. I got up brushed my teeth and got ready for bed.


Once I got back into my room the window was open. I must have opened it and forgot. I went to close it when someone put their arms around me. I yelped and turned around and found non the only Zayn. “You asshole. You scared the shit out of me.” I whispered to him. He just chuckled at me. “It’s not funny, I thought you could have been a murder or something.” I wanted to so badly yell at him. But I figured there is no point. “What do you want?” I asked Zayn. He just looked at me, and gave me a creepy smile. “I want you.” He told me not even a little hesitation from him. I just looked at him like he was crazy.


“Okay, one. I don’t even know how old you are, you don’t know how old I am. Two, you don’t know me, you just met me.” “So, I want you to be mine, and I will make you mine.” Zayn didn’t give me the chance to respond, he crashed his lips down on mine. It was a rough kiss, but at the same time, it felt so right. Maybe I should give Zayn a chance. I went over everything about Matt, and decided to give Zayn a chance.


Once he pulled away, I looked into his almost golden eyes, they were full of hunger. I can get use to it. Then I looked down to his lips, they were full lips, damn he is sexy. I bit my bottom lip trying to contain my thoughts. “You know, you are very pretty love.” Zayn said to me. Okay time to choose. I choose give this boy a chance. What can go wrong.




I watched her after I kissed her. I don’t know what came over me. But I just had to kiss her. With her full pink lips and her brown eyes. God she is beautiful. I mean, she also looks like the bad girl type. I just want her to be mine. As I watched her she bit her bottom lip. Damn it. That drives me crazy, I just want to kiss her again.


“You know, you are very pretty love.” I told her, she just looked at me and smiled. “Thanks, and to you saying you are going to make me yours. Looks like you got lucky.” I just look at her. I can’t take it anymore, I crash my lips onto hers one last time for the night. I started to smile though the kiss. This is the first time I haven’t smirked. This feels so weird. I mean, I’m use to smirking not smiling. Maybe Jackie will change me.


“Okay, I have to leave now, don’t let anyone in your house unless you know them. Got it?” I ask/told her. I know I shouldn’t be telling her what to do, but; she is someone I see my self with. And I just met her. “I promise I won’t let anyone in, now go home.” She said with a big smile on her face. I went out the way I came in, her window. Once I jumped down off the second floor, I ran across the street and turned my head to find Jackie watching though her window. I smiled up at her and climbed up to my room and got into my bedroom.


I’m 17, I should be able to go over to a pretty girls house and not have to go climbing around to were she can worry about me. But I’m glade I can call the girl across the street mine before anyone else can. Harry don’t like us having Facebook but I have one anyway. I got on and looked for her. I found her account and her picture was of her kissing another guy. What the hell, she has a boyfriend and she is with me. I hope she has a really good explanation for this. I got up off of my bed and went to my window. Damn it she might be asleep by now. I will find out in the morning. If she likes it or not.

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