Awkward awkward love.

The story of how one average, awkward girl finds herself the object of a seemingly perfect boys attention. And just how it affects her life.


4. Typically unexpected

A few months after the incident, I was beginning to realise I would never see whatever-his-name again. In fact I was almost having trouble remembering what he looked like.

On Friday night I found myself texting Katie. She was rabbiting on about a new man in her life;

“SO R U IN LURVE WITH HIM 5EVA MATE?” I punched into my phone as I flopped over into bed, narrowly missing my cat as she darted off the covers.
“DEFINITLY 5EVA. (lol jks I just really really really like him and want to feed him cake and give him hugs :3)” she replied back after about a minutes wait.
“AWWW UR SO CUTE! U GONNA MEET UP WITH HIM???” I texted back, continuing our completely over-the-top text dialect without fault.
“Yaah we’re going into town tomorrow :D” she announced almost immediately.
“COOL BEANS. I’ll be in town too, might see ya there mate ;)” I typed back before adding a “Night night mate <3” onto the end and hitting send.

The next morning I managed to roll out of bed and pull on some clothes. I pulled a brush through my hair and slid on my glasses before heading to the bathroom and brushing my teeth. 


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