Awkward awkward love.

The story of how one average, awkward girl finds herself the object of a seemingly perfect boys attention. And just how it affects her life.


2. Library

I still couldn’t believe what had happened as I sat in my tutor room the next morning. Not to sound too cheesy or anything, but the sun was literally shining brighter since… Whatever his name was…. Had remembered me. Everyone I knew seemed in a better mood, even Katie (who had just been broken up with) seemed to be happier!

As the bell rang, I jumped up and prepared for the first number of my new musical of a life. Then realising everyone was staring and my and scuttling out of the room blushing. As I glanced down at my timetable, my day improved as I realised I had a cancelled lesson.

“Hey guys!” I greeted the few friends present on our table in the common room. I was greeted by a few replies before sitting down and grinning at them all. “Not today. Too tired. Library.” One of them grunted, flicking through a film-studies with pure hatred in her eyes as her boyfriend grimaced apologetically. I shrugged and stood up again, waving goodbye before heading to the library to find people who would be a bit happier to see me.


As soon as I opened the library door I was tackled by a series of hugs and gay people (Not in a homophobic way, lots of my friends are bi/gay and they all love me a little too much). “Hey guys!” I replied happily as we walked to our circle of tables and Katie withdrew the book she had been reading aloud to us for about a month. “Geek Girl time!” she called out, beaming and laughing loudly as several members of the group groaned and put their earphones in. That’s the thing about Katie; even when she’s supposed to be sad, she’s happy. And loud. ALWAYS loud. “Okay, but first off I have some news!” I interrupted her before she could begin. Her eyes lit up and she jumped up and down clutching my arm “You’re bi now? You’re gay? You’re finally going out with your boyfriend?!” she exclaimed, grinning from ear to ear as Suzie chuckled in approval of her last guess.

(I should explain, whenever I fancy a guy, Katie and Suzie call him my boyfriend and try and get him to like me back. So far unsuccessful. Embarrassing, but unsuccessful. And this ‘boyfriend’ wasn’t whatshisname from HMV.)

“Still straight Katie” (she sighed a little and let go of my arm) “But it is about a boy…”
There was a moment of silence in which Suzie and Katie exchanged a glance. Then came the questions: “Does he know you?”
“Have you spoken to him?”
“Is he real?”
“Is he our age?”
“Is he in our school?”
“Does he like science and shit?”
“Has he said he likes you?”
“What does he look like?!”
“What’s his name!?”

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