Awkward awkward love.

The story of how one average, awkward girl finds herself the object of a seemingly perfect boys attention. And just how it affects her life.


3. Descriptions

“Well, he’s tall, not too skinny, he has longish dark brown hair and blue eyes, really nice neck”
“Neck?” Suzie interrupted me as I started describing the guy
“I get it, nice bone structure?” Katie re-affirmed, nudging me to carry on.
“Yeah, cheekbones to die for.” I replied with a glazed smile.
“Could you… Cut yourself on them?” Katie asked with a wink, making her quote even more obvious and high-fiving Suzie. I laughed and nodded. “Definitely Dude. I’d have to wear gloves to stroke his face.” I assured her as she stood up and skipped over to put the book back away.

“So, sciency? Arty? Music…y?” Suzie asked with a look of great interest as Katie plonked herself back beside me. “I think he’s englishy to be honest, said something about English at uni anyway…” I explained, giving a sideways glance towards Katie, who I knew was considering English for university. “I like this guy. Date him or I will. What’s his name?” She asked almost immediately.
“That’s the problem… I don’t know….” I answered as they both groaned loudly at me and rolled their eyes.

“How can you not know?” Katie groaned as she stared at me and scrunched her curly hair in her hands. “I think it’s cute, it’s like something out of a fairy tale!” Suzie sighed, smiling dreamily and evidentially imagining me as a Disney princess. “I just don’t remember okay? This was the first time I’ve seen him in months!” I replied, pushing my glasses up my nose and responding to Katie’s annoyance. “Still isn’t an excuse!” She said simply, folding her arms and sitting back in her seat.
“Says the girl who forgot her ex’s name a week into dating him…” I heard Suzie muttered as Katie blushed violently. “That’s all in the past now! We’re talking about Emily!” She diverted, avoiding eye contact and pouting slightly.

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