One Direction with a twist

Just a random idea :-) (WARNING MATURE CONTENT)


5. Victoria and Sadie

Sadie's POV. 

I swim around and enjoy the wonderful sea life. Clown fish, Octopus and dolphins galore. Victoria swims up to me, "So Sadie, coral for your thoughts?" She asks. "I miss Alana," I sigh. "I know Sade I do too, everyone but her parents do." She puts her arm around me. I suddenly get a great idea, "Let's go find her!" I blurt out full of excitement. "Whoa there little mermaid, She could be on the the other side of the world." She says. "Your right, but we need to at least try," I reason. "OK, why don't you try calling her oh powerful siren," She smiles with excitement. I smile back and I send out a call, and I sense her mind close by. "Tori! Shes close I can feel it! Let's swim up to the surface and see if we can find her!" I say my purple tail swishing fast with anticipation. "OK let's go!" She grins big and we swim fast. Once on the shore we turn human and put on the clothes we store near by. I try to sense her again and she's even closer now. I look at Victoria and we both take off running.  


Alana's POV.

Li and I sit down on the couch with the rest of the boys and turn on the TV. Just then I hear a bang on the window. I turn to see Victoria and Sadie smiling like crazy at me. I rush to the door and open it. We hug and cry and laugh then I introduce them to the boys. "Girls, this is Niall, Harry, Zayn, Louis and my boyfriend Liam," I smile when I get to Liam. "Hi we're One Direction," They say together and I shake my head. "Omg! You're THE One Direction!" Sadie fangirls. "Yup!" I say. Niall goes over and hugs Sadie and Victoria and the rest follow. I notice Niall keeping his eyes on Sadie. I smirk at the thought of them together. "So what brings you guys here?" I ask. "We wanted to find you, its been forever since we've seen you!" Victoria says. "Ya sorry I ran away without saying something to you guys! I just wanted to get away from the evil sea witch." I explain. We all chuckle and I invite them to stay for a while. "So what would you mermaids like to do?" Harry asks. "Twister anyone?" I suggest. "How do you play?" Victoria looks at me worried. "Here love, let me explain it to you," Harry offers. Victoria's brown eyes sparkle as she watches Harry. Her dark hair is light where the sun touches it, "Can Sadie and I go first?" Niall asks after Harry is done. She tucks her short brown hair behind her ear and smiles shyly. "Sure go right ahead!" Liam says. "They like each other," He whispers in my ear. "Ya and Tori and Harry have something too," I whisper back and smile. 


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