One Direction with a twist

Just a random idea :-) (WARNING MATURE CONTENT)


4. The Tail

Liam's POV.

I get the text from Alana and I yell to Harry, "Hurry up a bit mate, something is going on with Ana." We get there in about 5 minutes and rush into the house. We get to my bedroom and I hear her call to us from the bathroom, "I'm in here but don't open the curtain." We all file into the bathroom and I hear her sigh. "Would you guys still love me if I wasn't......normal?" She asks. "Of course," I answer for all of us."Well I might as well say it before I show it. Guys I'm....... a mermaid." She half mumbles. Harry chuckles and I hit him on the arm. A mermaid?! I'm just worried she's gone crazy. She pokes her head from around the curtain and all our eyes get wide, she has green tattoos on her face. She slowly moves the curtain away to reveal her long, skinny green tail. It looks just like what you see in movies, but without the coconut or sea shell bra. Her long brown hair is covering her chest and her tail is slowly moving up and down. "Whoa! That's so cool!" Zayn says breaking the awkward silence. "Can I touch it?" I ask. She nods and I kneel next to the tub. I hold her hand and give it a squeeze and smile. I slowly put my hand on it and it feels slimy but scaly and really cool. I look at her and smile. "I didn't think you could get anymore beautiful, but I was wrong," I say to her. She blushes and looks down. I kiss one of her tattoos and it turns pink. I look at her in confusion. "They change color when my mood changes. Right now I'm romantic." She says and blushes again. "Oh well in that case we will be leaving," Lou chuckles, "Have fun having sex with a mermaid." They leave and it's just us. "Li I'm so sorry I never told you, I didn't know what you would think and I didn't want to lose you," She explains to me. I kiss her hard then pull away. "I don't think I could love anyone more than I love you. Not just now but I always have." I say. And it's true, I'm in love with her and I always have been. Then it hits me, "Can you change back or is this permanent?" I ask. She closes her eyes then her legs come back. She opens them then looks at her legs and smiles. "I did It! I wasn't sure if I could." She smiles even bigger. "I'll let you get out and get dressed," I chuckle. I leave and head down stairs. 

Alana's POV. 

Well that went better than I expected. I wad prepared for the worse. Oh well, I get out and find my clothes and put them on. I apply my make-up and head down stairs and Liam is attacking Lou, probably for the earlier comment. "Well here's our mermaid," Niall says and hugs me. I hug him back and smile. "You mean my mermaid," Li comes over and kisses my forehead and I smile.

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