One Direction with a twist

Just a random idea :-) (WARNING MATURE CONTENT)


8. The Story

Logan, the one person that made my life worth living, is here. I want to be excited but I have Liam. Logan was everything to me, he made me feel special and loved and wanted when I wasn't back home. I was in love with him, and it was even more exciting because he was my dirty little secret that I never ever wanted to let go of. But I left and now I have Liam. I am so confused right now it's not even funny. Logan made my life an adventure and but Liam keeps me safe and loves me unconditionally. My problem now is.....who do I choose? 

Logan's POV.

I head upstairs with Zayn and Louis feeling very awkward. They lead me to the spare room and help me with my stuff that I had outside. "Thanks guys, I got it from here." I say as we get to the room. "No problem, any friend of Alana's is a friend of ours." Louis smiles and I chuckle. "So how did you guys meet her anyway?" I ask out of curiosity. "She was on the beach with cuts and bruises and we helped her and Liam and her fell in love." Zayn explains. "Oh ok. Thank you for helping her when I couldn't." I sigh at what a stupid idiot I am for not taking care of her better. "Not a problem mate, just do them a favor an don't try to get her back unless she wants it cause that will just mess everything up for everyone." Louis says as kindly as possible. "I understand and I wont. I can't do that to her." I truthfully reply. "Ok thank you and good night," Lou replies then they both walk away. I open the door and find a California King Bed with a canopy in the middle of the room with a hot tub not too far from it and a giant flat screen HD tv with an Xbox next to the hot tub. My mouth hangs open in awe of the room and it slowly turns into a smile. "Sweet!!!!" I fly onto the bed and drown in the fluffy blankets and pillows. This is going to be great!

Alana's POV. 

After walking on the beach I head back and reach the house just as Logan is coming out with his swimming trunks on. "Hey miss mermaid, wanna go for a dip in the giant pool that I have fallen in love with?" He smirks. "Sure why not," I shrug my shoulders and strip then jump in and let my tail form. "Ahhh I've missed this." I sigh. "Me too, I've been out of the ocean almost as long as you have," He slides in and is in his mermaid form quicker than I was. "Really? U have been kicked out that long?" I ask surprised. "No that just happened today, I followed Sadie and Tori and found you. I just got back yesterday and my mom got mad at me for leaving right after you left so I got kicked out." He explains. "Oh why did you leave in the first place?" I question. "To find you."

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