One Direction with a twist

Just a random idea :-) (WARNING MATURE CONTENT)


3. The Past Always Haunts You

Alana's POV.

I wake up in Liam's bed with no Liam. Being in a cold bed is never fun so I decide to get up. I make my way down stairs still in my PJs and pour myself some juice when I see a note, it says 

Beautiful Alana,

The lads and I have gone to the studio but we will be back for lunch I promise. 

Much Love, Liam xoxoxo

I look at the clock and it says 10:30. They should be home in about an hour and a half so I go upstairs and take a bath. As the tub fills up I clean up his room and make the bed. Once the bath is ready, I undress and slide in. The warm water overtakes me and I close my eyes. I hear a strange noise so I open them fast to see that my legs are gone....... and are replaced by a green tail. My first thought is how can I get rid of this? Its been ages since I've been in my mermaid form. Wait, what if the boys come home and see me like this? Do I have to tell them? Yes, yes I do. I hear my phone beep and I somehow manage to get it. It's a text from Liam. 

"Coming home now, will be there in about 5 minutes. Love you, Liam xoxoxo" 

"Good can't wait. Have something to tell you and the boys when you get home. I'm in your bathroom. Love you too, Alana xoxoxo" 

I get back in the bath and pray that my tail will still be here when the come back. As they said, 5 minutes later I hear the door open and everyone running into the room I quickly shut the curtain and call to them. "I'm in her but don't open the curtain." They all come in and they are all silent. "Would you guys still love me if I told you I wasn't......normal?" "Of course," Liam says. "Well I might as well say it before I show it. Guys, I'm...... a mermaid." I explain and wait for their reaction. But I hear nothing but Harry chuckle and someone hit him. I poke my head out from around the curtain and their eyes get wide when they see me. I just remembered that my face gets green tattoos when I'm in this form. I slowly move the curtain back as I reveal my tail. 

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