One Direction with a twist

Just a random idea :-) (WARNING MATURE CONTENT)


7. Situation

I stair at Logan for an embarrassing amount of time. Why now? Why did he find me when Liam was here? "Can I come in?" Logan's question interrupted my thoughts. "Oh uh, ya sure," I stutter. I step aside and he waltzes in here and everyone looks at me confused. "Uh Ana, who is this?" Liam asks to my despair. "This is my ex Logan." I reply looking down. "WHAT?!" Victoria and Sadie both say. "Ya he was kinda a secret." I sigh. "Beer Logan?" Zayn asks trying to be nice. "What's beer?" Is Logan's reply to which we all chuckle. Harry hands him one and Logan takes a sip. "Whoa this is good! Better than the shit back home." He smiles very impressed by the new drink. I sigh then sit on the couch with Liam. "So you run without a goodbye or an explanation," Logan looks at me with accusing eyes. "Logan, I had to you know that, my mom would have killed me eventually if I stayed." I say very calmly. "No, you could of stayed with me." He snaps. I get up feeling awkward having this conversation sitting next to Liam. "Yes I could of, and I could have been found. I wanted to trust you but I could risk it. Why are you here anyway?" I ask. "I got kicked out and need a place to stay." He sighs. "Well if it's ok with the boys you're welcome to stay here but no funny business ok?" I reason. "Wasn't planning on it." He mumbled. Zayn and Louis show him to the spare bedroom and I sit back down with Liam, Harry and Tori and Ni and Sadie. I peck Li on the cheek then head outside to go for a walk to think.  

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