One Direction with a twist

Just a random idea :-) (WARNING MATURE CONTENT)


9. Love

To find me.....why me?? I 100% still have feelings for him but I am with Liam and that would just mess up my whole life. The one song that pops in my head right now is "DNA" by Little Mix. Logan is my drug, I need him to feel alive but Li is just an amazing person and wait, I need to respond to Logan. "Me.....oh." I barely move, afraid of making the wrong one. "Ana!!! Come here!" Sadie calls from inside. I sigh and change back and head inside fully dressed. "Yea what's going on?" I call into the living room but no one is there. "Hello?" I call again. "Upstairs in Zayn's room!" Tori yells down. "Coming! I hope everyone has clothes on!" I snicker and come into the room. Tori and Harry are cuddling with Sadie and Niall on his bed while everyone else is sitting in the floor in a circle. "Awwww!" I swoon in the direction of the bed. All four of them flip me off. I chuckle and sit next to Liam and plant a lingering kiss on his lips trying to remind myself of why I fell in love with them. Logan comes up the stairs and comes in and sits next to Louis. "What are we doing?" He asks. "Truth or dare!" Lou exclaims. "Humans play that too?" Logan asks, "Sweet! I'm gonna beat all of you!" He says jokingly. I giggle a bit and everyone looks at me, "What's so funny?" Zayn asks. "Logan's dares are quite interesting," I explain. "Ok well I'll go first, Tori truth or dare?" Harry says. "Truth," She replies. "How many boyfriends have been before me?" He asks smirking a bit, "Well lets see....Wait what?" Her eyes widen in shock. "Victoria, do you want to be my girlfriend?" He smiles big making his dimples show. "YEA! Of course!" She giggles bit and kisses him full on the lips and it turns into a make out session. "Same question goes to you Sadie," Niall holds her hand and smiles. "Same answer to you Mr. Horan," She smiles shyly and kisses him too. "Ok they are banned from the game," Zayn shakes his head in disgust. 

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