One Direction with a twist

Just a random idea :-) (WARNING MATURE CONTENT)


10. Love (continued)

Alana's POV.

I hold Liam's hand and watch everyone play. so far I've had to cluck like a chicken, take off my shirt in front of everyone and take liam into the room next to that one and make love to him against the wall and not hold back. Logan smirks and says "Ana truth or dare?" I think about it for a few seconds nervous about both answers and finally decide "Dare."

Liam's POV

Logan has to ask her?? Really??? My face quickly turns from happy to annoyed. "Dare." Lana says and my palms quickly get sweaty. Then Logan gets up and walks out of the room and down the stairs. We all get up and follow him as he walks down to the beach and stops by the water. "I dare you to run down the beach topless with my swim trunks on." He grins. Her wearing his swim trunks means he will be naked and her topless will mean that her boobs will be out and she has a nice C cup. "Fine," She blushes and mumbles, "But you have to give me your trunks first."

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