It All Began With 'Hello'.

It All Began With 'Hello'....

She sat alone, and watched him from that same spot in the coffee shop. He always ordered a vanilla milkshake. She'd secretly peer over the pages of her book and sneak a glance. Then one day he caught her looking. Then one day he said hello. It all began with 'hello'.

...And It Ended With 'Goodbye'.


3. A Little Bit of Disney Can Mend A Broken Heart


"Katie, it's Friday night. Loosen up. I'm coming over in five minutes. Don't say a word, I'm taking you out."

With that, Steph hangs up, leaving me with my phone pressed up to my face, staring at a wardrobe full of not-going-out-clothes.

Okay, I love Steph. But she really needs to understand that I much prefer staying in with a cuppa and a book than late nights and loud music. Especially when it involves alcohol.

Maybe I can talk her out of it. And we can just stay at home, in our sleeping bags and watch The Perks of Being a Wallflower. One of my favourites. Wait, who am I kidding, this is Steph. One can just not change that girl's mind. Not even me.

And then the doorbell rings. Fantabulous.

Steph never bothers to wait for someone to open the door, she always lets herself in. No one really cares, because these days, she's more like another daughter in the family.

My bedroom door swings open, and there stands Steph, wearing something that you can barely call a dress. In fact, you can barely call it anything. She still looks stunning, even if she's showing off more flesh than is probably legal.

"Please tell me you're not planning to go out in that," she scowls, (by that she means my school uniform, which I still haven't bothered to get out of since half three.).

"Well actually, I wasn't planning on going out at all." I raise my eyebrows at her and smirk. She groans, flinging my wardrobe doors further open than they're supposed to go. I can tell by her face she isn't exactly impressed.

"Katie, honey, you're wardrobe looks like an old ladies convention."

Awh thanks Steph.

She thrusts out this little dress that's practically screaming at the top of it's lungs (if dresses even have lungs?) that it's way too small for me, but Steph doesn't care. Mainly because it's the only dress I've got, and tonight doesn't seem like a top and shorts night according to my little friend.

"Put it on," she says. "Now."

"Okay mother," I drawl, fetching the dress from where she's flung it on my bed.

I can't even fit it on.

It doesn't even reach past my bum, and makes me look like a slutty skank.

"Perfect!" Steph smiles, clapping her hands together.


I can feel the beat of the bass thud against my chest. I feel kind of dizzy, and I've only had two glasses. Two glasses too many. I'm not this kind of person. I don't get drunk. I don't even go out. I've got to find Steph and tell her I'm going home. Clubs aren't my scene. But I can't even make out who's who in here. I've not seen her since she said she was going to the toilet half an hour ago. Maybe I'll just leave without saying, she'll be too drunk to remember anything anyway.

I push my way out through the door, heading out to the damp night streets. It's barely half past eleven. I can imagine the look on Steph's face when she finds out I left before midnight. She won't be proud. Then again, it's nothing to be proud of. Getting drunk, staying out late. At sixteen, that's no achievement. I wait for a taxi to pass by, but the roads are pretty much empty. I hear footsteps splash through puddles behind me.


I turn my head slightly. A guy who looks just a bit older's looking back at me.

"Shouldn't you be in bed?" He smirks.

I'm not gonna lie. He's cute.

"Honestly? Yeah. I hate this." I nod back to the club.

"Me too," He says, flicking a lighter, drawing a cigarette to his lips. He closes his eyes as he breathes in the smoke.

"Sure you do. You wouldn't be here-"

"It's no place for anyone. Drinking. Getting pissed. Dancing. Then going home with a stranger to get knocked up."

"Exactly," I look at him hard. Okay, so he's not a complete dick. He has some sense.

"Why are you here then?" He leans against the wall, watching me.

"My friend;. She convinced me, I thought it wouldn't be so bad but..nah, not my thing."



He takes another drag of his cigarette.

"I thought I'd try something new. What's life when you're sticking to one, smooth, straight road, with no bumps or turns?"

At first I think he's joking. But he's really not.

A taxi pops into sight, and I wave it over.

"I gotta go," I say, keeping one eye on the taxi. He catches my wrist.

"Wait. Here." He hands me a small white card, with his name, number, address and email on it. I laugh a bit, his eyes twinkling.

"Someone came prepared," I tease, before slipping into the taxi. The card says he's called Noah. Noah. Isn't that a guy in the bible or something?



When I get home, Mum's practically waiting on the other side of the door. Maybe she's been standing there all night, just to catch me coming through.

"Five past midnight," she says. I nod.

"Yeah, I know, sorry mum. Me and Steph were just watching a movie."

I hate lying. I wrap my coat further round my body to hide my skanky dress. Luckily, Mum doesn't push it any further.

"Okay," she sighs. "I just worry."

"I know. Where's Derek?"

Derek's her boyfriend. She looks down, rubbing her temples.

"Derek's..gone for a little while. We had a little argument."

"Mum. I'm sixteen, not six."

"We broke up."

I look at mum. She's so small and frail. She doesn't need hassle from Derek.

He's always been good to her. This is just unexpected.

"Oh mum."

I give her a hug, and for a minute, I forget that I'm not the parent here. She eventually pulls away.

"It's fine. If you're tired, you can go to sleep, but you're welcome to come and join me. I'm about to watch Toy Story 3."

I laugh. Me and mum love Disney. It's our little guilty pleasure. Especially when it comes to boy troubles.

Disney can fix anything.

It's true.

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