Endless Love

What would you do if you saw Justin Bieber on the streets of California crying after a break-up? You'll see what Rachel Brooks did when she saw him. As she walked towards him she had no idea what the future may bring her.


3. Visiting Justin.

Rachel's P.O.V.

Oh my God, I can't believe I am gonna visit Justin. Just stay calm and act normal.

I'm sure Justin knows I'm exited since I squeezed his hand a little bit too tight. But I can't help it!

We walked for a couple of minutes and then we arrived a toll plaza . There was a very tall fence in front of us that separated most of California from the rest of it where the celebrities live.

Justin didn't have to pay he just showed his license and got past the security with me.

His house was far away from the toll plaza though but I enjoyed every milli-second of it.

It was very cute that he didn't let my hand go. It felt great that he like it.

Suddenly Justin stops.

Rachel: what is it?

Justin: This is my house. He smirked while I wasn't giving any attention to him except the house. It was H-U-G-E!

Damn you Bieber. I mumbled. He heard me and laughed.

Justin: You're so funny. I like funny girls.

I blushed. He saw it. Oh God, I love seeing him smile.

He put his hand around my waist and followed me too his door. I was really looking forward to come inside this beautiful house. It was kinda beige/white, I don't care.

We dot inside and my jaw was, oh God you don't even wanna know. I looked around and stared at everything. The furniture were great. And everything was so perfect but he, himself was the only thing that was flawless in my eyes.

Justin: you like it?

I shook my head.

Justin: you don't?

Rachel: I don't like it at all... I l-o-v-e it! It's wonderful!

Justin: first of all stop doing that, he said while laughing. Second of all, thanks. He showed me every room. I couldn't believe my own eyes. I couldn't even imagine this place being 836 m². But it is and it's unbelieveable. I loved everything about his place. Until he showed me his bedroom. My jaw dropped even more.

It was perfect! I adored the room. It was very clean and his glass shelfs were pretty. And it became even more adorable when I saw the pictures of him mother/family all over the room. The bed was big enough for three persons.

Justin's P.O.V.

She was so amazing and I could see she was tired. I just wanted to cuddle with her under the carpet.

We sat on the bed and looked each other in the eyes, as I intertwined our fingers together.

Justin: Thank you for making me feel better and forget the pain.

Rachel: No problem sweetie, it was an honor.

Justin: You mean " it is" an honor.

Rachel: What? I don't get it. She said while looking confused.

Justin: Well I like having you around, and I hope I can see you more often eve though we met three hours ago.

Rachel: Aww! 

She started to get tears in her eyes.

Rachel: oh Justin! I feel the same way! She came closer and there were only some inches before our bodies touched I leaned forward and before I could kiss her, her phone rang.

Rachel: sorry! It's probably my friends, I have to answer.

Typical I muttered...



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