Endless Love

What would you do if you saw Justin Bieber on the streets of California crying after a break-up? You'll see what Rachel Brooks did when she saw him. As she walked towards him she had no idea what the future may bring her.


1. Unexpected.

Rachel's P.O.V.




"SHUT UP!" We said together while we almost fell back to sleep.

Hailey: Aw C'mon sleepy heads, you got to wake up!

She pulled the curtains away from each other and said we had too because we were only gonna stay in the amazing and sunny state California for three weeks.

We are on a spring break. I know bad girls. But we are only here to have fun, not only look after hot and shirtless boys.

Hailey took our beddings one after one, folded them and put them in our closets. 

We all looked at each other and started to laugh. Even tough Hailey is the oldest one (only some months) she weren't our mother. We are all 18. I'm turning 19 in October.

She said we were going to Long beach, the coolest beach on earth. A lot of celebrities goes there. She said we had to go right after breakfast with a specific look. I really want to go there but she can't always decide. "What if we don't wanna go?" *awkward silence*

Jennifer: But we wann- 

Rachel: SHHH!

Hailey: So you don't want to go? She looked at me with big and angry eyes.

Rachel: Well, I want to go but... Ahh fine!

I had to let her win this time.

We ate a good and healthy breakfast, then we put on our bikinis with a high waisted short.

I had a pink, floral bikini and the rest had blue bikini. 

We went to Starbucks and bought a Seattle Latte for all the four of us, since it was our favorite drink.

When we arrived the beach, we saw Ryan Sheckler.

Lucy asked him for a picture with him and we all got a pic.

We were like " oh my god " all the time.

We saw a lot of celebrities though. Like Kesha, Kendall/Kylie Jenner, Cody Simpson and a guy who looked like Justin Bieber, lol. But it was worth taking a picture with them.

We got really tan. It was so dope (cool).

After that we grabbed some food and went home to change our clothes.

I put some skinny jeans on and a white Ce`line T-shirt with some Jeffrey Campbell shoes. 

We were ready to go shopping. 

I bought A LOT of clothes and A LOT of accesories.

When the clock hit 8:30 PM, we were ready to go home. We talked on our way and laughed all the time. When we took a pic under a bridge I saw a boy behind a tree who was crying.

I told them to go home and that I was coming home right after them. It took a long time before I finally convinced them to go home without me. I walked toward the boy. I was getting closer and closer. The guy had a pair of black supras on and a black hoodie. He had the cap that belonged to his hoodie on his head.

I sat down on my knees and asked him if he was okay. He turned away. I kept coming closer until he answered me. "go away please". I recognize that voice. As the tears pressed against my eyes that moment, he finally took of his cap and looked at me. "I'm sorry if I hurt your feel-" I hugged him and cried so hard. He didn't understand a thing. I looked him in the red eyes who had been crying all day and he looked in mine. I couldn't believe my own eyes.  This was so unexpected.

It was Justin Drew Fucking Bieber.


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