Endless Love

What would you do if you saw Justin Bieber on the streets of California crying after a break-up? You'll see what Rachel Brooks did when she saw him. As she walked towards him she had no idea what the future may bring her.


2. The Talk

Rachel's P.O.V.

Justin: uhm, hi my name is Ju- Rachel: I KNOW ASDFGHJKL!

After a minute of hugging him he asked me why I was crying.

Rachel: B-Be-Because I love you.

Justin: Aww you're so sweet. Do you really like me?

Rachel: No.

Justin: Ohh.. I thou-

Rachel: I don't like you at all! I love you!

Justin: I love you too.

Rachel: Oh Justin. I cupped his face. I looked in his eyes and he looked in mine.

He had caramel brown eyes. They looked so innocent and hurt. His lips were plumb and dry.

I decided not to cry because I don't want be another fan who is a pain in the ass while he has a hard time.

Justin's P.O.V.

I didn't understand a thing at first, but now I know she only wants so comfort me. She was so sweet and beautiful. She had long brown hair and a mix of green and brown color in her eyes.

Rachel: I'm sorry if I'm bothering you but I couldn't let you stay by yourself in this weather. As soon as I saw you cry I had to come over. I don't like  it when people cry. It makes me wanna cry. I feel so sorry for them.

Wow, she sounded so caring.

Justin: Aw that's cute. So what is your name sweetie?

Rachel: Uhm well it's not a very interesting name but it's Rachel.

Justin: Hmm Rachel, sounds very interesting. We both laughed. Just kidding, it's a beautiful name.

Rachel: Thank you honey, I love your name too she said smiling.

Justin: So I guess you're a fan?

Rachel: No, I'm not.

Justin: But, I tho-

Rachel: I'm not a fan I'm a Belieber.

Justin: Oh really? Let me test you.

Rachel's P.O.V.

He tested me and I answered every single question fully and right. He was shocked and impressed.

"Wow, you are  Belieber". He said putting extra pressure on the "are".

Rachel: Of course I am. But that doesn't quite make me a Belieber. Even though it's a plus to know a lot about you. A Belieber is someone who will vote, defend, comfort, protect and support you till the end. And be there for you^^, if you know what I mean.

Justin: You're right thank you for telling me that.

We leaned our heads on the tree and started talking. I could see he didn't listen when I spoke but I don't really care. Through the conversation I saw that his weak smile turned into a wide smile. I liked that.

Justin: So uhm are we gonna sit here all night? 

Rachel: I suppose...

Justin: Lol.

Rachel: did you just say lol?

Justin: yeah, lol...

We both laughed a little then I grabbed his arm and pulled him up to me. I could see he checked me out by the way his eyes moved up and down my body. But I understand, he looked hot though. His body was so fit and slim. (better than the guys on the beach, just saying).

Justin's P.O.V.

I checked her out. Damn she was beautiful. She was so skinny but curvy, she had a great figure. Her long brown hair made me stare at her for a long time and I'm sure noticed me when I looked at her butt. But ,by. the. way. she. checked. me. I'm not gonna need an excuse. Her hand was so soft and comfterable and I loved the way she smiled. 

Rachel: so...

Justin: so... You wanna join me home?

Rachel: really? The excitement and happiness grew in her eyes.

She  came closer and closer.

Justin: Yeah, I could need some company. 

Rachel smiled and said it wouldn't hurt if she stayed for a couple of minutes, she just wanted to make sure I was okay and safe.


Damn guys it's getting exciting.

What will happen when she is home with Justin?

What is her friends doing?

Will someone see them together?

Why was Justin sad at first place?

Will it be a third person?

Find out in the next chapter.

If I have time I'll publish chapter 3 today.

Please comment and tell me what I have to work on or if you like the story. Im doing it for you guys. And by the way it will get more exciting so don't ever think it will get less exciting. So favorite my story and you'll know when I've updated. Bye, stay fab.



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