Endless Love

What would you do if you saw Justin Bieber on the streets of California crying after a break-up? You'll see what Rachel Brooks did when she saw him. As she walked towards him she had no idea what the future may bring her.


4. Misunderstanding.

Rachel's P.O.V

Jennifer: Where are you Rach?!!?!?!

Rachel: Uhm I can't tell you.

Jennifer: Why? HAILEY! 

What? Where is Rachel? I heard Hailey say in the background with an angry tone.

Rachel: Hi, I'm coming back right now, bye! I said before Hailey could reach the phone.

Justin: So...?

Rachel: well, I have to go..

Justin: No! Don't go!

He had a sad look on his face which made this even harder to say.

Rachel: I'm sorry but I have to go. My friends miss me.

Justin: But, what about us?

Rachel: Us? I don't get it.

Justin: I like having you around even tho we only met 3 hours ago.

That was the sweetest thing like oh my God. I tried not to show any feelings as I walked out of the room. Before I could reach the stairs I felt a cold arm on my waist. "Please don't go, I beg you. I feel so lonely.

Rachel: I..I..I.

Justin: Fine! You're just like any other girl. A Belieber would never do this to me.

As those words came out from his mouth I felt anger. I smashed my lips into his and pressed his body against the wall. I knew he enjoyed it. As I pulled away I was red. Don't you dare tell me I'm just another girl again. I'm not! You don't know ANYTHING about me. You don't even know how much YOU mean to me.

I had to say it. I just had too.

Justin: Sorry....

He looked a bit disappointed. I lifted his chin up and said "don't be".

Rachel: I love you.

Justin: And I like you a lot.

Rachel: you don't love me?

Justin: You have to understand I just can't get attached to another girl right now.

That was it. He said it again.

Rachel: I get it. "Another girl" I muttered sadly.

I really wanted to cry.

Justin: Wait, I didn't mean to ugh! Well you don't know anything either!

Rachel: Believe me! I know a lot more than you know about me.

He grabbed my hand but I pulled away. I couldn't believe it. I had a fight with him. I had a fight with the love of my life on the first day I met him. But it's my fault, I should've waited until the right moment to say I love him. But I won't. I'm officially done with Justin Drew Bieber.


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