i need you.

ugh why cant i just speak what i feel? why cant i express myself? why cant i tell him i love him? why cant i..


1. whats wrong with me

i dont know if i have enough strength to get for school today. how can the weekend already be over? i hate mondays. i rubbed my eyes and pushed myself up from my bed and placed my feet on the cold hard ground. when i stood up i stumbled into the bathroom as soon as i saw my reflection in the mirror my eyes went wide. i jumped out of the bathroom, not wanting to look at the girl looking back at me. i heard my mum call my name from the kitchen as i was stepping down on every step on the wooden staircase that led into the hallway. 'just a few more weeks Emma' i tried telling myself. 'just a few more weeks of doing the same thing every single day before holidays. you can do it'. but could i?
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