I liked Skellig by David Almond so much i wrote a story about his daughter and how Micheal's sister Joy learned about them.


4. To the wood

"Hey, Joy come on say yes. He is so cute. Go on," Una said to Joy. Una was the opposite of Joy. She was short, chubby and slightly round. Not fat just a bit bigger than Joy. She had short pale blonde bob and blue eyes. She was always obessed with boys and bands. Joy however was tall and skinny like a twig. She hade long auburn hair that cascaded down her back like a wall of fire. Her eyes were emerald green and shone like stars. Her skin was pale and her face always had a smile. She had small slender hands and long fingers. Her pale pink pointed tongue was stuck out making her face more thoughtful. "Danny is a twit. Luke is the one for me. I am tied to him."

"Stop the mysterious mumbo jumbo and say yes," said Una.

"N O spells no," said Joy. She said goodbye and wandered down the path to her house. She was about to knock on the door when she thought she would go down to the woods nearby. She was always there when Michael had moved out and Nina had been born.

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