I liked Skellig by David Almond so much i wrote a story about his daughter and how Micheal's sister Joy learned about them.


5. The girl and the creature

She spent all her time wandering the wood and she knew it very well. She thought she knew all that happened to the wood but she was wrong and she was about to be shown. She was sitting by Lake Amor when she saw something glide above the water before climbing high in a never ending spiral and levelled off at one hundred feet. Then its wings slid to rest on its back and it dove into a dive. It sped towards the water with alarming speed and went underwater then surfaced something clasped against its chest. Then it landed and it was something only dreams could create. It had the front half of a giant eagle and the back half of a horse. The eagle part gleamed black as midnight, every feather shone. The back half was as white as fresh snow and the flanks dazzled. Its orange hunter eyes blinked and it lifted the scaly front feet. The ivory machete claws clicked on the earthy ground as it drifted towards her still in the air. Joy saw the thing it was holding was a girl. A girl only slightly older than she was but with matted hair covered in grime hanging limp against a pale face. A face patterened with leopard rosettes.Her leather top was scraggy and a bit too small as Joy could see her belly. The shorts were ten years out of date and she wore no shoes. The leopard print carried on her legs. Joy could now see the girl had wings. Old, featherless bat wings. The creature moved her and Joy could see she wore a necklace with a tooth on the middle. Joy knew she should run but she whispered “Follow me. I know where you can go.” The creature got up still holding the girl and moved after Joy. Joy led them to an abandoned fort and the creature flew to the most intact tower. Shye laid Lissia on the floor and flew out again to circle the top. Joy below screamed with adrenaline at seeing such a creature flying.   

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