I liked Skellig by David Almond so much i wrote a story about his daughter and how Micheal's sister Joy learned about them.


7. Skellge Story

The next day the popular girl, Rosie Russet Vulpine, came over and asked whether she wanted to hang out and talk after school. Joy said yes hoping it would make her more popular. When she got there however Rosie turned round and said "What were you doing with the hippogriff round fort of the hidden. There was a Skellge there too I feel its Auma."

"First I just hang out in the fort, second what are a Skellge and a hippogriff?"

"You know Harry Potter?"


"Have you seen the Prisoner of Azkaban with Buckbeak the hippogriff?"

"Oh yeah I know what your on about now. But how do you get horse hindquarters on a eagle's front ones."

"I'll tell you it will also explain about the Skellge. A long time ago a witch was dying from a stab wound. No horse would carry her except Afrit. The white stallion took her to a clearing filled with magic herbs and when she was healing she weaved the horses mane. She echanted him so that every one of his children would be white and be the best warrior's steed and could only be killed by an Akel who wore Andrettin Eagle feathers. The enchantment held true till Afritinay, Afrit's granddaughter, was caught and by an Andrettin eagle and fed to its mate. After the eggs she laid the next day hatched, history changed course. For these eaglets had the back half of the horse Afritinay, strong white legs that ran with the wind faster than the wind. They had swishing creamy tails that were perfectl fly swats. But the front half was Andrettin Eagle, black shining feathers and ebony ivory beak of a hunter. The eyes weren't the brown of the horses, or the red of the eagles; they were as orange as an owl's and made these creatures fiercer hunters than ever. These eaglets passed on their trait till it was mainly them that owned the treetops, all but gone that humans became involved. These creatures could carry humans, pull carts and hunt the sky. These animals were a humans best friend and worker. They named them hippogriffs after in Greek, horse was hippo and eagle was griff. These hippogriffs were hard workers but the Akel thought they were wrong and as they only bore half the enchantment it made them lame and weak and humans went back to dogs, horses and falcons. They scared them back into the forest and from that day hippogriffs are wary around most humans except Endanger and Weres. A were became the first Skellge, this is how. For years now there had been no hippogriffs with humans and Lieka thought that was wrong. She had grown up in her father's stable tending to Shyer their hippogriff. Now she was twelve she thought she could look after herself. She ran away looking for a hippogriff. She found one but it was old and dying its wings ripped from its body. She could see the lithe, sleek predator but now it was Prey. Prey for the Angel. She grabbed the wings in case they could shelter her and ran so the angel would not get her to. The hippogriff moaned. Its third eyelid was showing and the orange eyes were dim and filled with stars they could no longer see. When she was far away like the careless child she was Likea played with the wings making a rope harness so they were tied to her back. She was

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