I liked Skellig by David Almond so much i wrote a story about his daughter and how Micheal's sister Joy learned about them.


3. She is coming

Back in the house while they were out Mutti was making arrangments. "Follow her; the Skellge is coming following her auma. The bear is coming controlled by Raven. An Endanger possessd by the Ixe. You must do an auma trace on the bear. It will lead you to her and the Ixe. Quick now go, go, go." Through the window a shape fled into the sky. But this was no bird. This is the shape was one of a dragon, no bigger than a turkey with transparent and a body as blue as the sea, faint rosettes splattered on its scales. Its eyes were as white as snow and souless. This was Gia, Cheetah dragon and nothing had escaped her. Yet.

The Skellge stood on the edge of the water. She had to go but was there enough. She called to Shye and then she jumped and steadied. This would be her last journey she thought. She screamed as she plummeted as the last few flew into the wind. "Shye, come h..." What started as a shout faded to a whisper as she slipped into unconsciousness.



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