I liked Skellig by David Almond so much i wrote a story about his daughter and how Micheal's sister Joy learned about them.


1. How it began

"Joy, have you done your homework yet?" Lilly Corner shouted at her daughter.

"Mum I like did it yesterday and the computer is like not working," said Joy Corner coming down the stairs.

"Don't say like as if it is going out of fashion." Lilly frowned at her daughter.

"But mum it will soon so like I have to."

"Just not in the house please." Joy knew there was no point in arguing so stormed off to her room.

"Arroow?" One of her cats, Mutti, got out of its basket to see what was wrong. The seven tiny kittens meowed as their warmth left them and Mutti got back in. "Why is mum so judgemental? I mean I know she cares and all but I just want to be cool not the kid who is animal crazy and worries the man is coming back. I mean I can't remember what he looked like, all I remember his, his dead black hands and the emerald green eyes that pierced your soul."

Mutti of course didn't answer. She couldn't. It would be against the secret code that all Akel keep and that child did not need a Skellge in her life. It would drain her power that the Ixe needed. The girl was the bait. With her as the bait the Skellge would come and the bear would follow.

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