you saved my life (Niall Horan fanfic)

Melissa here (meli for short) I had a pretty decent life up until my mum left my dad and he turned alcoholic and abusive, I started self harming after he r aped me the first time and now its become a daily thing. Find out how when I bumped into the world famous Niall Horan he helped save my life...


5. where the hell are you?

me and Niall cuddled together watching movies on the ouch for the rest of the night before we headed up to bed, after Niall had undressed into his boxers after much persuasion from me he pulled me close to him and cuddled me to him "this is nice you know" he mumbled quietly "cuddling with my beautiful girlfriend"  I blushed hard when he said this you sure d know how to make a girl blush Mr" I muttered burying my head into his shoulder and kissing it lightly. He laughed and combed his fingers through my hair before kissing the top of my head lightly. I smiled and closed my eyes lightly before falling asleep slowly not hearing him mumble quietly " I love you meli" before closing his eyes and falling asleep soon after.


*nialls p.o.v*

I woke up and smiled seeing meli still fast asleep a smile playing on her lips, I leaned down and placed a gentle kiss on her forehead before pulling her even closer. I hadn't exactly been telling the truth yesterday when I said I had my eyes closed when I was undressing her, my eyes were open and taking in every inch of her body and was getting quite turned on I glanced over at her phone as it stared ringing and reached over her to answer it "where the hell are you?" I heard her dad shout down the line " excuse me sir but I am her boyfriend and she has decided to live with me now. She has told me what you have done to her and i am disgusted and have thee mind to tell the police you will be very lucky if meli decides not to." I said sternly before hanging up on him.

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