you saved my life (Niall Horan fanfic)

Melissa here (meli for short) I had a pretty decent life up until my mum left my dad and he turned alcoholic and abusive, I started self harming after he r aped me the first time and now its become a daily thing. Find out how when I bumped into the world famous Niall Horan he helped save my life...


4. perfection

we kissed for what seemed like forever but in reality it was only a minute or so. when he broke away from the kiss he pressed his forehead to mine and smiled "I've wanted to do that since i met you" he mumbled "me too" i smiled back, he pulled me into his arms and put my head on his shoulder as we watched tv. "be my girlfriend meli?" he whispered into my ear "then you can stay here forever and never have to go back to your dad" i turned to him smiling wide "of course i will niall anything to get away from him" he smiled and pulled me close again, and i smiled and closed my eyes,tired. "go to sleep i'll be here when you wake up"he said and i nodded and slowly drifted off to sleep.


when i woke up i wasn't in nialls lap on the couch i was on nialls bed but niall was no where to be seen,i turned over but he wasn't there either, i frowned and swung my legs over the side of the bed and noticed i was only in my bra and panties and blushed realizing niall had taken them off, i pulled on one of his t-shirts and smiled as it came down to mid thigh on me and walked downstairs seeing him sat on the couch watching tv "hey"i said and sat next to him, he  over at me and smiled "hey" he whispered and pulled me close to him. "sleep all right?" he asked smiling "yep"i smiled back, he turned my head and kissed me gently "i'd better get used to that"he muttered against my lips and i smiled and nodded "me too"i giggled and kissed his cheek before resting my head on his shoulder. "so undressed me before?" i asked blushing, he smiled and nodded "yeah they would have rubbed so i took them off, i had my eyes closed though" he reasoned and i giggled and smiled "you could have looked i have nothing to hide" i told him and he shook his head "your beautiful just because you have a bad past doesn't mean your not beautiful" i smiled knowing that he is the first person to ever tell me i was beautiful, in fact he was my first ever boyfriend and i knew he was gonna be there for me for a long time.




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