you saved my life (Niall Horan fanfic)

Melissa here (meli for short) I had a pretty decent life up until my mum left my dad and he turned alcoholic and abusive, I started self harming after he r aped me the first time and now its become a daily thing. Find out how when I bumped into the world famous Niall Horan he helped save my life...


8. meeting the boys

Niall's *P.O.V*

After she told me about her brother I was all the more wary of keeping her safe and away from both men that had ruined her life. The last few days we had spent cuddled up in bed kissing,eating,watching movies and sleeping but I decided that it was time for her to meet the rest of the boys seen as she was my girlfriend. So when I woke up the next morning I went downstairs and started to make her breakfast. 

Meli's *P.O.V*

I woke up around half nine the next day and could instantly smell pancakes,my favourite, I slowly sat up and noticed Niall wasn't next to me. I smiled and climbed out of bed pulling one of Niall's tops on then headed downstairs. Niall was stood next to the stove making pancakes and I smiled instantly going up behind him and wrapping my arms around him 

"morning" I mumbled into his back

"good morning princess" he smiled and turned to look at me "sleep well?" he asked

"mmm yeah"I leaned up and pecked his lips "breakfast smells good"

"yeah its pancakes,I know how much you love them so I thought I would make you some" he grinned and plated some up

"thanks baby" I sat at the table and started eating. I glanced up at niall and smiled at him,god he was gorgeous.

"so erm..I thought we could go and see the boys today" Niall said and looked at me 

I stopped eating and looked at him "you won't tell them about my past will you? please" I asked him quietly 

"of course I won't darling" he said as he came closer and pulled me up and into his chest "they don't need to know anything apart from the fact that your my girlfriend and I am madly in love with you" he grinned. "I love you too baby" I smiled and turned " I gotta shower first though" I ran upstairs and showered.

once I had finished showering and had got out,I went into our shared room and got out some clothes ( ) I didn't want to dress up too much but I didn't want to dress down either. I got dressed and started to put some make up on and  then went to go and find Niall "I'm ready baby!" I shouted and stood at the door waiting "coming!" he shouted back.

I went out to the car and climbed in watching Niall lock the door then come to the car. We set off and I turned the radio on singing along quietly. We pulled up outside a house and got out, I waited for Niall to come round and grabbed his hand holding it tightly "they'll love you don't worry" he told me and we went up to the front door and knocked " I squeezed his hand as the door opened and there stood Louis "hey mate!" Niall said and hugged louis " this is my girlfriend Melissa" he smiled and Louis kissed my cheek then welcomed us inside. We walked into the living room and sat down Niall said hello to the rest of the boys and introduced me "its about time you got yourself a girl mate" zayn said and I giggled and looked at Ni. "He's a good lad melli you gotta a keeper" I smiled and took my hoodie off forgetting about my cuts on my arms. We watched TV for awhile before i excused myself to go to the toilet.


Louis' *P.O.V*

I watched as Melissa walked out and waited until I heard the bathroom door shut before turning to Niall "she cuts" I said and he quickly looked at me "how do you know?" he asked "well she took her hoodie off and she had cuts all over her arm. why does she cut?" I asked him. He frowned and looked away "she told me not to tell you" he muttered, "she won't find out" harry said and we all nodded in agreement. Niall sighed "her mum ran away from her dad when she was little,her brother was arrested for stealing but has escaped recently and her dad rapes her when he's drunk and sober so she ran away from him and living with me" he said and took a deep breath. We all sat there in silence for awhile before liam finally said "seriously?" and niall nodded.

Melissa's *P.O.V*

i was coming downstairs when i overheard Niall. He was telling them and he had promised not to. I stood in the doorway looking at him "so much for not telling them niall!" I shouted. He turned to look at me "meli I'm sorry they saw your cuts and asked!" he quickly said standing and coming to me "you didn't have to tell them though!" I turned and walked to the front door "where are you going?" he asked "to my dads! And don't bother following me!" I shouted and walked out.

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