you saved my life (Niall Horan fanfic)

Melissa here (meli for short) I had a pretty decent life up until my mum left my dad and he turned alcoholic and abusive, I started self harming after he r aped me the first time and now its become a daily thing. Find out how when I bumped into the world famous Niall Horan he helped save my life...


10. home or hotel?

After he had fucked me and left me alone I just lay in bed not sure what to do. I couldn't stay here but I'm not sure I  want to go back to Niall after he betrayed me . After a long deep thought I decided that I would stay here for the night then in the morning pack up my rhings and leave. I would stay in a hotel until I talked to Niall properly then take it from there, I soon fell asleep after I had sorted my plan out.

In the morning I got all my stuff together and climbed out the window throwing it all on the floor before climbing down. I grabbed my bags then set off to find the nearest hotel.

Nialls *P.O.V*

I was worried sick about melissa, why couldn't she have let me go and get her from her dad's? I would have taken her to a hotel if that was what she wanted but no she had to stay with her fucking rapist of a dad who did things that were unimaginable to her. My beautiful princess.

I hardly slept all night because I was worried sick about melissa. In the morning I woke up and decided to call melissa and if I got no reply then I would go round to her dad's house and get her and talk to her dad myself. I showered and dressed then got in my car and headed to her dads house, once there I got out and went up to the front door and knocked, I was about to knock again when someone opened the door, I looked at them and decided it had to be James her brother, he looked scruffy and as if he had been in prison for a long time 

" what do ya want?" He asked roughly

" I-I'm here to see Melissa" I stuttered out, god I looked like a coward right now 

" well she's not ' ere, she's done one of her dissapearing tricks again, we thought she was with you so now we'll have to look somewhere else. Why don't you come in so you can tell us where you think she could have gone cause she can't have gone far now, could she?"he said and stepped aside letting me into the house. I could tell this wasn't going to end well.....

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