you saved my life (Niall Horan fanfic)

Melissa here (meli for short) I had a pretty decent life up until my mum left my dad and he turned alcoholic and abusive, I started self harming after he r aped me the first time and now its become a daily thing. Find out how when I bumped into the world famous Niall Horan he helped save my life...


2. first date

i stayed talking to Niall all night he said he was taking me out all day tomorrow and i knew i would have to find an excuse to tell dad. I fell asleep that night with a smile on my face, for the first time in years.

when I woke up in the morning i went into the bathroom and got in the shower letting the hot water run over my body, i washed my hair and body then got out wrapped my hair in a towel and wrapped one around my body. I needed to cover my cuts up because it was a hot day and niall would think i was weird if i wore a long sleeved top.I got some concealer and foundation and started to cover my arms with it,lets just hope he wasn't taking me swimming. I finished covering my arms and went to look for a dress to wear. once i found ( i put it on then went downstairs and grabbed some toast then went and sat on the front poach to wait for niall.

when he arrived i went down to his car and blushed as he kissed my cheek then got in his car. we set off and i asked multiple times were we were going but he said the same thing every time "you'll see when we get there" i sighed and lent back against the seat and looked out the window. i gasped when we stopped, we were at the zoo the last time i had been here was with my mum and dad when my mum was still with my dad. Niall noticed my body language change and asked me if i was alright, i nodded and got out. we went and paid then started to look around at all the different animals.

All the way around i was worried about what my dad would say when i got home.He hopefully won't even notice I've gone, niall had brought a picnic so we sat down and ate it, he bought me a stuffed elephant seeing as they are my favorite animal then we set off back home. We talked all the way home and he had me laughing. I hardly ever laugh anymore, the things this boy does to me. He dropped me off at home and said we would go out again tomorrow. I seriously couldn't wait. I waved goodbye then bounced up to the house and inside, nothing could ruin my mood now.Or could it?.....

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