A Different Story To Tell

Love is the one thing I'd never had. Maybe I can change that. Maybe Harry can change that, but will Zayn be the one I fall for?? i have no idea, you can't exactly predict a heart.


1. My Thoughts...

(Sophia's POV)   Every love story i've ever read started with something horrible. The girl had nothing and the guy saved her. Or even the other way around. But notice how they always seem to start the same way? That's always bugged me. I mean, how are girls suppossed to fall in love and write their own story if they believe it has to be a certain way. Isn't love supposed to be unique for each person, a beautiful story to tell future grandchildren? My story started a little bit different, maybe it will be refreshing, maybe you'll wonder how I fell in love if I wasn't a damsel in distress or a hero? But here's my story anyway. It all started in a little coffee shop in Tennessee. 


(Zayn's POV) The boys and I were playing a show in what I'm pretty sure was the very smallest town in all of America. We all had awful jet lag and just wanted to sleep... So we found a tiny little coffee shop and went in. As we walked in I was immersed in music. It was beautiful, I figured they just had the radio up really loud, but for some reason I had never heard this song before. I pushed past the boys and saw a beautiful girl on the stage (if you can even call it that) she was playing guitar and singing what i'm pretty sure was an original. She had a beautiful voice and from what I could tell from the lyrics, she was a really good writer. Suddenly I wanted nothing more than to hold her and tell her she was amazing. But, I could NOT be falling for this girl. I had no idea who she was. She was a complete stranger, I didn't even know her name. "I'm Sophia Williams and that song was an original called FairyTale" She called out from the stage. Wow, I loved her name. She was fantastic. I just wanted her to be mine. I clapped loudly and she gave me a weird look but smiled anyway. Suddenly someone from the crowd called out, "That's One Direction!!!! PERFORM FOR US!!!!" I had a disgusted look on my face, I'm sure. I loved the fans, but this was Sophia's moment. We were dragged onstage and I tried to apoligize to her, but the fans were too loud. 


(Sophia's POV) That guy was sweet. But maybe he was trying to draw attention to himself. Probably couldn't stand letting someone have the spotlight. At least, that's what I thought... Until he ran up to the microphone and said "Hey, guys! This was Sophia's moment, so how 'bout she sing with us? Sophia will you sing one of your originals and we'll follow along?" The crowd went crazy, I smiled to myslef, maybe this guy wasn't so bad... "Sure, i'll sing with you guys. " I grabbed my guitar and started strumming. "This is called Someday" I started to sing and called Zayn over so he could see the lyrics and sing with me.


(Harry's POV) Gosh, this girl was beautiful. I wanted her to be mine, but I could see that Zayn liked her and he gets the girls more often than not. I was sure she would fall for Zayn, especially as I watched them sing the love song she'd written. They held hands during the end of the song after Sophia stopped playing guitar. I wasn't sure why, but I was insanely jealous. i wanted her for me.... 

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