A Different Story To Tell

Love is the one thing I'd never had. Maybe I can change that. Maybe Harry can change that, but will Zayn be the one I fall for?? i have no idea, you can't exactly predict a heart.


3. Is It Love For The First Time?

(Sophia's POV) "Hello?" I answered my phones, I didn't know who was calling though so my voice was cautious. "Sophia, I need to tell you something." "Sophia, can I tell you a secret?" My phones said. "Zayn and Harry!?!" I said, very surprised. They both said the other guys name in confusion. I clarified by saying "You both called at the same time on different phones, I answered both cause I didn't know who it was" They both seemed satisfied by that answer. I knew I had a desiecian to make, who was I going to answer. I think I knew what they were going to say. And I think I knew my answers. "Zayn......, Can I talk to Harry?" I replied quietly. "But.... I thought we had something... last night..." Zayn said with immense hurt in his voice, before hanging up. While he hanged up, I heard him try to start to cry and I felt awful. But I knew that if I was with Zayn I would always be thinking about Harry. I realized that I couldn't be happy with another guy. 


(Zayn's POV) "Zayn....." My heart quickened when she said that. But then... She followed with "Can I talk to Harry?" I was broken. I had thought she liked me. I felt so stupid. I tried to make sense of the whole thing and mumbled something under my breath before realizing I had to hang up before I started to sob. I've always been known as the 'bad boy" but I think, in all honesty, I'm the least tough on the inside. But even so, I had never felt this way about a girl before.... I think I fell in love with her.... But she doesn't love me back. 


(Harry's POV) She liked me. She liked me! I knew we had something from the start. I couldn't get her out of my head since that night. I... Loved... Her. I don't  think I've ever felt that way before. This was all new, but I was was falling for her. i was falling for her at record time. She needed to know. "Sophia, you still there?" "Yeah, I"m still here, what did you want to tell me?" "Sophia... I.... I think I'm in love with you" She was quiet for far too long and I was getting scared. Until she spoke softly "I...I.. I think I love you too" I smiled and said "Sophia Lilly Williams, will you be my girlfriend?" She laughed and said "Harold Edward Styles, is that even a question? Of course I will be your girlfriend!"  I laughed at how adorable she was and suddenly felt a happiness that I'd never felt before. I was scared, but I loved her more than anything. I just hoped that I made her as happy as she made me. 

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