A Different Story To Tell

Love is the one thing I'd never had. Maybe I can change that. Maybe Harry can change that, but will Zayn be the one I fall for?? i have no idea, you can't exactly predict a heart.


2. I Can't Feel This Way. Can I?

(Zayn's POV) I really am falling for her... When we sang her songs together my heart was pounding, I was lost in my thoughts, realizing that all that was running through my head, was her. That night when we met Sophia was only last night, but I felt as though i'd known her my whole life. I got her number and was awake all night trying to gather the courage to text her. Come on Zayn, I thought to myself, your supposed to be the bad boy, you can't lose your cool over some girl. But no matter how hard I tried, i couldn't get my mind off her. Funny thing was, I was willing to risk my "bad boy rep" to love this girl. I just wanted her to be mine. 


(Harry's POV) Zayn clearly liked Sophia. I heard him pacing all night. He didn't seem like himself, but in a good way. he was really happy, almost giddy, when he texted her and she replied to him. I swear he was skipping around the room. Ok, I might be making things sound more intense then they were. But you know, he was most likely going to get Sophia, I had a right to make fun of him. Look it up. It has to be a law or something.... But anyway, I dreamed about her all night. I hated that I was falling for her. Zayn was one of my best mates and I've seen him heartbroken... I'm not sure I could stand that again... But man, she was beautiful. 


(Sophia's POV) Zayn seemed like an ignorant jerk but gosh, he was cute. And Harry seemed like total man whore, no offense. But he was so sweet, i couldn't get over those last thoughts I kept having. I couldn't afford to fall for any one else. I was working towards my music, and I mean, i've certaintly had a broken heart. I don't want to be cliche and say that all guys are exactly the same, but I can't afford tot hink any other way right now. But gosh, Zayn was so cute. And Harry could most defaintly sing. But wait, even if I did allow myself to love. I couldn't like them both... And i'm sure neither of them liked me... 


(Zayn's POV) I need Sophia to be mine. I'm gonna ask her out. 


(Harry's POV) I really like her... I need to hold her and protect her from the world. 


(Sophia's POV) Both my home phone and cell rang at the same time. I answered both, not knowing who was calling. "Hello?" 

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