Just You

I glanced at Harry, then at the blonde boy with amazing blue eyes in front of me. "Who are you? Where am I? Harry?" As I try to stand up, the blonde boy left the room said to Harry, "Take care of my princess for a while mate, thanks" with his thick accent. Irish maybe? "Lie down love, you need some rest."


1. 1

Desiree's POV


As I walked outside the school with one of my bestfriends Jelle, our other bestfriend, which doesn't have the same schedule as us, Autumn approached us. "Hey Esree and Jelle!" "Yes deary?" I said "So, remember that thing I asked you?" "Yeah, about that group you asked me? Er, We're actually just talking about it" "No we-" I elbowed Jelle to stop her. So you see, there's this certain group around our town, Holmes Chapel in Cheshire to be exact, which provides feeding programs, outreach programs etc. for the less fortunate in different places. Autumn is a member 'cause one of his brothers was once the secretary of that group. "Aw c'mon. It'll be fun! A lot of people already joined it." "I haven't." Jelle said. "You still haven't, but you will. No, you both will!" "What if we don't want to?" "You have too. Now Esree, what do you say?" "We'll ask our parents first okay?" "Okay then. Call me if they're okay with it yeah? You too Jelle" "Okay. See you guys tomorrow! Bye!" "Bye!" they both shouted as they approached their car. Autumn and Jelle have been my bestfriends for 2 years now. Autumn and I have been in a few classes, then she introduced Jelle to me, that's it. They have been bestfriends since kindergarten, and they treated each other as sisters. They treat me the same way they do to each other, so I don't feel out of place. I was snapped out of my thoughts when a window car opened, revealing Jelle. "You've been staring in the air for a while now. Hop in, I'm bringing you home." Isn't she sweet? "Nah, I'm walking home. Thank you though." "You sure?" "Yeah" "Well, be careful. And don't stare at the air like that again, you look like a retard." "Yeah yeah. Be careful too." I'm still giggling when she drove off. Crazy girl.

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