The story about a death


4. The cause of growing up ( part did not happen in real )

Alex's P.O.V

Growing up with cancer was not easy for me i never talked to Alyssa or Alexus  anymore i was terrified to go outside

whenever i did i would just scream remembering what happened to me there were alot of people that bullied me.

When i saw Alyssa and Alexus come they walked in and asked " Are  you doing okay?!? " well alyssa asked not alexus.Alyssa was very nice i liked her AS A FRIEND! When we were little she was a little mean to me but thing's are different  now." Yeah im fine thank's for asking " Alyssa was spaced out i threw water on her " AHH! " she screamed " Soooooo cold....SOOOO COLD! " i started to laugh " You should've seen the look on your face hahaha..." said Alexus.Alyssa got annoyed and went outside to sit " ugh wetness WHY! "

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