The story about a death


3. The accident


At first we were really bored so then Alyssa went outside to play with Ryan.After awhile i went out to and we kept playing around Ryan kept asking if we could go on the trampoline we couldnt though my grandma didnt like it when the neighbor kids were on there.She didnt want to pay for it if they got hurt so instead we went over to Ryans house and went on his Trampoline Alexus and Ryans brother Alex went under the trampoline and were playing around so Alyssa and Ryan kept trying to reach me and him under there.I got out then Alex stayed under we were jumping on him and Alyssa did a but bounce on his feet after jumping alot on him.His foot broke at first we thought he was kidding " He sounds like a dieing eagle " Said Alyssa then everyone laughed exceot alex he was still screaming his dad came running out " HOLY SHIT! " me and Alyssa and Ryan jumped off " CALL 911 " Ryan grabbed his dads phone and called 911 " my brother he broke his foot really bad we can see the bone " " YES GET OVER HERE! " Ryan handed the phone to his dad " Yes yes we can see the bone its sticking out really badly " " It may take awhile sir and we might not make it " HIS PHONE IS SHOWING GET YOUR ASS'S DOWN HERE AND HELP! " Ryans dad screamed into the phone me and Alexus were crying and we went up front " Im so sorry Ryan " " Its ok it wasnt your fault " i ran down to my grandma who was coming over to see what happened we heard thhe ambulance coming and thats when Alyssa started crying really hard she had an angsity attack then she quited it.After awhile Ryan came out " He is freaking out and is about to pass out " Ryan said sadly and scared and Alyssa asked him if he can get her shoes because if she went over there she would puke.Once she got her shoes my gradma came " Alyssa hun lets get you off the street " but instead of going to my grandma she went running to my house crying " ALYSSA! " said my grandma but Alyssa didnt stop running until she reached the house we called her mom and she went home she was crying really hard when she got into the car and Alyssa'smom was asking whats wrong but she wouldnt answer.



WELL thats the end of part one a childs death i hope you enjoyed this was based on a true story and it happened two days ago.

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